Restaurant Reviews Food Studio at Colombo City Centre

Food Studio at Colombo City Centre

2018 Dec 11

Open Time:

10am - 10pm


City Centre, 137 Sir James Pieris Mawatha, Colombo 00200


Opposite the Seema Malakaya in the Beira Lake

What we had

Redefining gastronomy in Sri Lanka

The Food Studio at Colombo’s latest shopping destination needs no introduction! Introducing a variety of food, drinks, desserts and goodies; the Food Studio at CCC has made its way to being Colombo’s ultimate one stop destination, offering cuisines from all over the world in one location.

The Food Studio aims at redefining its consumers’ experiences by offering a diverse range of cuisine, with stalls that don’t offer the same thing as the next! 

Below are the outlets you can find in this food atrium along with our reviews:



Jagro is well known for Simply Strawberries, serving the freshest strawberries in the country. Jagro at CCC serves nothing short quality and quantity, incorporating their trademark strawberries into most dishes that we couldn’t wait to dig into!

Jagro at Food Studio



Part of an international franchise, Oporto has made its way to Sri Lanka with its specialty of delicious flamed grilled chicken. They succeed in serving the freshest dishes with incredibly good quality and quantity!

Oporto at Food Studio


Isle of Gelato

Isle of Gelato is a Galle favourite, and became even more popular when they opened at Caramel Pumpkin. Their newest location is at Colombo City Centre, and we absolutely love it! After all, who doesn’t love ice cream?

Isle of Gelato at Food Studio


The Mango Tree

The Mango Tree is known for providing essential Indian dishes with flavour and generous quantities! Of course, we were delighted trying out The Mango Tree at Food Studio; especially with the aroma surrounding their little outlet at Colombo City Centre.

The Mango Tree at Food Studio


Okra Kitchen by Ravi and Sepali

Okra Kitchen by Ravi & Sepali are known for bringing in authentic Sri Lankan cuisine, especially in a food atrium that has a variety of cuisines! They say the way to get to anyone’s heart is through the stomach and Okra Kitchen surely stole our hearts away with their scrumptious food!

Okra Kitchen by Ravi & Sepali at Food Studio


Midah Sisters

The Midah Sisters is a family run business where they had bonded over their love for food, leaving their 9-5s to pursue this passion. It’s the first food outlet you find to your left as you enter the Food Studio.

Midah Sisters at Food Studio


Fresh Intentions by Roots 

Throughout the years, Roots has made its way to being a household name; widely known for its fresh juices. That being said, we simply had to try the variety of drinks Fresh Intentions had to offer!

Fresh Intentions by Roots at Food Studio


Grub Sri Lanka

Grub at Food Studio serves a range of delicious Singapore-inspired Western food. Although their stall is tucked away in a corner, the dishes stand out from the crowd. Originally Singaporean, Grub has now expanded to Sri Lanka, bringing in a delicious culinary experience.

Grub Sri Lanka


China Street Food

China Street Food is located on the second floor of Food Studio and is very hard to miss! The stalls are built in such a way that it looks like they are still in China, while actually being in the heart of Colombo.

China Street Food at Food Studio


Tokyo Shokudo

Don’ in Japanese means a rice bowl dish and this restaurant has four dishes to choose from. Each dish is served with traditional Japanese sticky rice were delish!

Tokyo Shokudo at Food Studio



Shiok! is a Singaporean restaurant serving an exciting blend of culinary heritage based on some of Asia’s greatest cuisines. This mix creates a unique and dynamic flavor more lively and far richer than the traditions from which they stem.

Shiok! at Food Studio


Sumatran Spice

Indonesian Cuisine is known for its vibrancy, diversity and spice in each recipe and dish. Sumatran Spice at the Food Studio, Colombo City Center serves up a few replications of vibrant and indigenous Indonesian dishes.

Sumatran Spice at Food Studio


The Legendary Teafarer

The Legendary Teafarer is a unique tea bar concept that offers customized blends to those who visit. If you’re looking for a cozy space to sit down and get some work done, The Teafarer at the Food Studio offers quality tea, cakes, and bakes with comfortable seating.

The Legendary Teafarer at Food Studio


The Little Prince by Mitsi

The Little Prince is Food Studio’s Coffee Shop, featuring items ranging from coffees, milkshakes, cakes, patisseries, and so much more. Their counters are always filled with scrumptious looking desserts!

The Little Prince by Mitsi at Food Studio


Punch Island Bar

Punch Island Bar is located on the first level of Colombo City Centre’s Food Studio, and is great stall to head to when chilling or hanging out with friends on a lazy day. They have quite a variety of interesting mocktails which we were excited to kick-start the day with. 

Punch Island Bar at Food Studio


House on the Moon

Ever since the inception of Food Studio, one of the stalls that has gathered a lot of recognition is House on the Moon for its ”out of the world” desserts! Of course we had to review their unusual desserts and we couldn’t be happier! House on the Moon offers a unique and interactive experience, taking its customers through the process of making the dessert chosen.

House on the Moon at Food Studio


The Food Studio is a food court like no other, with a large variety of stalls to choose from! Definitely worth the experience, trying out good food for affordable prices.

Been to the Food Studio at Colombo City Centre yet? Let us know what your favorite outlet is in the comments below!