Restaurant Reviews Oporto at Food Studio

Oporto at Food Studio

2018 Nov 9

Open Time:

10am to 10pm (weekdays), 10am to 11pm (weekends)


137, Sir James Pieris Mawatha, Colombo 02.


Located in Food Studio - Colombo City Centre, next to the McDonald's outlet

Contact No

0115 900 700


Walking into Oporto, we were greeted by the delicious aroma that made its way from the kitchen side to the front; and we were eager to try the dishes out! The best part about Oporto is that is has its own seating compared to the food court seating the other stalls had to share. Decorated with greenery and wooden chairs, we loved the atmosphere in the tiny space Oporto operates in.



We learnt an interesting rule that the Food Studio follows, where no stall can serve the same items that another stall does. The diversity in cuisines varies from one stall to the next, so no same thing is offered in two places.
Due to this, Oporto consists of only fizzy drinks and water; which is fine since it goes well with the flamed grilled dishes they have to offer.




5PCS Flamed Grilled Chicken Wings – LKR 530

There is no other place you can find chicken wings as heavenly as these, for such a reasonable price! This item consisted of 5 pieces of chicken wings that were marinated in Oporto’s special marinate! The chicken is steam cooked first, making its meat super moist, succulent and easy to tear off!
Not just that, Oporto’s special marinate deserves recognition for itself! The wings were extremely flavoursome, slightly spicy and deliciously good.



Amidst Oporto’s unique marinate, are their unique sauces! Oporto does not believe in tomato sauce, so customers are provided with delicious garlic sauces with every item. They also have 4 other sauces that customers can choose from; locally produced Lime & Chilli (citrusy), Orginial Chilli (mildly spicy), Extreme Picante (extremely spicy!) and Prego Sauce (mix between BBQ sauce & Mayo).
They can also substitute French fries in the meals for either coleslaw or rice.


Chicken Salad – LKR 600

For 600 bucks, this salad was extremely generous in portion size; topped with olive, tomatoes, lettuce, chicken, mayo, carrots and many other ingredients! What I loved the most about this dish is that Oporto uses the freshest of the fresh vegetables! The veggies were fresh and incredibly crunchy, blending well with the scrumptious chicken.


Taca Bowl – LKR 680

Boy oh boy, is this dish a treat! The Taca Bowl consists of fresh rice, fresh vegetables and moist chicken, mixed in with Oporto’s Lime & Chilli sauce. Although the sauce is quite tangy, we were amazed at how well all the elements blended in terms of flavor, texture and freshness!


Quarter Flamed Grilled Portuguese Chicken – LKR 790

Whip out the big boys! Oporto’s Quarter Grilled Chicken has the softest, most moist meat, packed with flavor! The golden crisp skin is what holds most of the flavor in this dish, offering a difference in texture as well. One may worry about the shine of the chicken, assuming it to be oily but worry not, the chicken isn’t bathed with oil but rather glazed with Oporto’s Chilli Sauce.


Double Bondi Burger – LKR 670

This burger consists of a range of flavors from sweet to savory, leaving behind a citrusy aftertaste. Every ingredient Oporto uses is fresh, including the bun and veggies! We also learned that the fillet is marinated for 90mins, resulting in a juicy, flavorful patty!


Chicken Rappa – LKR 670

Straight from the hood (or the kitchen), this boy’s got us tripping over how good this dish is! The best part about this wrap is that the wrap is so fresh that you can easily cut through it, leaving no mess! As a clumsy person, I can vouch for this! Packed with flavorful chicken, fresh crunchy veggies and creamy mayo, this wrap hit the bar!

All in all, our experience at Oporto was incredible! The staff were extremely nice, helpful and friendly! We were educated about how they don’t believe in frozen meat which explains how dedicated Oporto is when it comes to delivering freshness. Definitely an experience worthwhile.


Tip – Try everything!


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