Restaurant Reviews The Mango Tree at Food Studio

The Mango Tree at Food Studio

2018 Dec 3

Open Time:

10.30 am to 10.00 pm


137 Sir James Pieris Mawatha, Colombo 02


Located next to Oporto at the Food Studio - Colombo City Centre


Indian Cuisine with a contemporary twist.

The Mango Tree is known for providing essential Indian dishes with flavour and generous quantities! Of course, we were delighted trying out The Mango Tree at Food Studio; especially with the aroma surrounding their little outlet at Colombo City Centre. The staff were extremely helpful and sweet as well!


Mutton Biryani – LKR 850The mutton biryani at The Mango Tree is a fast moving dish, which is no surprise! The plate was absolutely massive, with a generous portion of biryani mixed with juicy pieces of mutton alongside chutney and papadum, topped with a boiled egg. For 850, this dish was worth the price! The rice was cooked incredibly well, the mutton was soft and flavoursome and the entire dish was absolute heaven with all the elements combined. However, this dish was short from perfection due to the huge papadum; it wasn’t fresh and crispy.

Mini Meal Combo Paneer Curry – LKR 800The Mini Meal Combo is a combination of curries served with white rice, naan, dhal, papadum and chutney. We went ahead and ordered the paneer curry, which was incredible! Paneer is supposed to be moist, soft and flavourful; and Mango Tree delivered exactly that! The naan was soft and easy to tear off as well.

All in all, The Mango Tree at Food Studio maintains the standard of quality and service known to them. Definitely worth grabbing a meal from!

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