Restaurant Reviews Shiok! at Food Studio

Shiok! at Food Studio

2018 Nov 26

Open Time:

10.00 am to 9.30 pm



Located at the Food Studio - Colombo 02

The wonder of Hainanese Chicken Rice.

Shiok! is a Singaporean restaurant serving an absolutely delicious Hainanese chicken rice. Typical Singaporean food is an exciting blend of culinary heritage based on some of Asia’s greatest cuisine as the nation is a multi-ethnic society made up of Chinese, Malaysians and Indians, whose immigrant forefathers brought with them rich food traditions from all across Asia. This combination creates a unique and dynamic flavor more lively and far richer than the traditions from which they stem.



Singaporean Chicken Rice Meal – LKR 990

Basically, Shiok! Only serves chicken rice. You can either have a meal for one or a sharing meal for 3 people. This dish consists of delicious chicken rice paired with a serving of succulent chicken, a flavorful clear soup and condiments of soy sauce, chilli sauce and ginger paste. Out of the different outlets I’ve tried at Food Studio, Shiok! definitely falls in my top 5. The meal was actually something different to what you might be used to and the every bite feels like a new experience.


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