Restaurant Reviews House on the Moon at Food Studio

House on the Moon at Food Studio

2018 Dec 6

Open Time:

10.30am to 10.30pm (Sunday to Thursday), 10.30am to 11pm (Friday to Saturday)


Food Studio at Colombo City Centre, 137 Sir James Pieris Mawatha, Colombo 02.


Located right in front of Food Studio - Colombo City Centre


An euphoric sense of dessert!

Ever since the inception of Food Studio, one of the stalls that has gathered a lot of recognition is House on the Moon for its ”out of the world” desserts! Of course we had to review their unusual desserts and we couldn’t be happier! House on the Moon offers a unique and interactive experience, taking its customers through the process of making the dessert chosen, which we found very interesting.

The desserts at House on the Moon are priced at LKR 1400, however they have a separate package for LKR 2800 that consists of an amuse bouche, your choice of classic dessert, chef’s choice of dessert and fruits paired with tea. 



Wald by Christian Humbs – LKR 1400

Paired with Jasmine green tea to enhance flavor; the Wald consisted of a tart, topped off with spruce needle sorbet, buckwheat foam, oat crumble, white chocolate, spruce needle oil, and powder with dollops of apple mousse.

We were advised to gather all the elements in this dish in one scoop to thoroughly enjoy it and I must say, House on the Moon has mastered every skill! We were told that if we consume it properly, we can smell and taste the earth…and that’s exactly what we experienced! My words fail me because there’s so many things your palette experiences with every spoonful of the Wald!

There’s a whole range of flavours, texture, and acidity within this dish. The spruce needle sorbet is sour, the buckwheat foam is sweet and creamy, and the Oat crumble brings in a whole new crunchy texture. Although it seems pretty pricey for a dessert, trust me it’s worth trying out!

Moon Walk – LKR 1400

House on the Moon’s signature dish ‘Moon Walk’ is inspired by Frank Sinatra and is paired with pear and orange tea. This dish is what caught social media by storm for the smokey effects during its preparation, leaving us gawking in awe before digging right in!

This dish consists of Muscapon cream (Italian cream cheese), caramel iced whey crumble, nut butter, milk ice cream, yoghurt, and coconut mousse. With the same method of scooping up all elements in one go, we were not let down! Desserts at House on the Moon are spectacularly designed! The Moon Walk tasted sweet and slightly sour at the same time with textures ranging from the crumble, ice cream, Muscapon cream, and yoghurt.


Words do no justice, so try the desserts out yourself! Definitely worth the experience.

Been to House on the Moon at Food Studio yet? Let us know what you tried!