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Quarantine Trends We Know Too Well

2020 Apr 18


Staying at home 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, isn’t completely ideal for us, given our otherwise hectic and social lives – introverts excluded (those guys are as happy as can be right now). So with almost the entire population of the world confined to their homes, boredom was a given. Cue the long line of Instagram challenges, dares, coffee cups and, of course, hysterical TikToks that no one asked for, but still enjoyed. So if you thought literally everyone you see is doing the exact same thing as you are… well, you’re probably right!



Now we all know TikTok. We’ve either seen one or made one. You cannot possibly say no to both. You’re bound to cave in and head over to the dark side if you’re not part of the TikTok universe yet. It all starts out when you decide to download the app with a very “chuttak baluwata waraddak na neh” mindset and the next thing you know is that it’s 3 in the morning and you’re still scrolling down that ‘For You’ page – so no… you’re not alone. And before you know it, you’ve already made your first TikTok, the next morning. And if you’re lucky like I was, you’d get some 11K views in the first 24 hours on one TikTok and will be waiting for your call from Hollywood (which I’m still waiting for *sighs*).


Dalgona Coffee

Having spread like wildfire across the internet, this trend came into Sri Lanka late-March. The aesthetically pleasing cup of coffee, known as Dalgona Coffee, originally came from South Korea, and requires only three ingredients – instant coffee, sugar and hot water which you vigorously whisk 400 times until it becomes frosty and aerated. While the final product tastes like any iced-coffee you might find around, the hype comes in the theatrics involved with the frothy mixture.


Instagram Story Challenges 

Now this is a pretty extensive topic. From drawing carrots and pumpkins, and posting baby photos to doing push-ups and sitting down with the help of walls while balancing books on top of your head to even shaving heads bald – It’s nearly impossible to talk about all the insta-trends which have seen the light of day since the beginning of quarantine. While there are a number of variations of this challenge (as you might have seen), the basic idea of all of these challenges is to repost the challenge acknowledging the person that nominated you, and tagging more of your friends to carry on the chain. 


Instagram Story Templates

Instagram Story Template challenges happen to be very much like any other Instagram Story challenge – minus shaving heads and drawing carrots. This consists of a type of questionnaire, more often than not created by influencers, where you have to answer using texts or GIFs. Variations of these templates include a number of Bingo challenges, Bucket List challenges and so many “This or That” challenges enough to make you go crazy just thinking about all the kinds of options one has in this world! Speaking of which – you should also go check out Pulses’ very own story template on our Instagram! 


Until Tomorrow

As the name itself might suggest, the “Until Tomorrow” challenge is when you post an embarrassing picture of yourself, praying to God nobody would screenshot it, for the next 24 hours. How do you land yourself in this challenge you ask? Well if you were unlucky enough to have liked someone elses “until tomorrow” post, they’d send you a message to do the same. So the chain continues when you send a message to everyone that likes your post, to do the same.


Instagram Live Sessions

Another trend that you’ve probably seen around are how a lot of people have been going on Instagram Live sessions, where they would just talk. Whether it’s to talk about the prevailing situation of the country or to talk about solutions to any problems that we might be going through at this time. We, at Pulse, also did a number of live sessions where we talked about things from anxiety and depression to navigating through sexual relationships and even tips on parenting during a pandemic and dealing with job insecurity. Another engaging live session we’re doing is “Lockdown Diaries with Kumar De Silva”, where our ex-”Anything But”-host gets together with your favourite Lankan stars and talks with them about their ‘quarantine life’. Engaging in these live sessions also help people get over their possible lack of human interaction. 


Cooking and Baking

So if you suddenly started to see friends of yours that you’ve never seen in close proximity to a kitchen, posting stories while cooking or baking… well don’t be too quick to dismiss them as, chances are, they’re actually starting to find their way around a kitchen (athi yanthan, right?) From cooking local favourites to all kinds of other eccentric cuisines to baking bread from scratch, the citizens of the world have now turned to their kitchens as a remedy for this neverending boredom. 

If you’re on the lookout for local recipes you might want to try out yourself, check out our round up of quick and easy recipes you can make this quarantine, and much more


The #DontRush Challenge

Continuing the streak of creative challenges out there on social media, the #DontRush challenge happens to be a crowd favourite and the name of the trend comes from the song “Don’t Rush” by Young T & Bugsey ft. Headie One. In order to do the challenge, you would get together with your friends (in your own homes, that is) and everyone participating would basically start off wearing their “home attire” and quickly transform into their glamorous night-out looks, with just a touch of their make-up brushes on to the camera. And it’s not just the girls either. Guys decided to give the challenge their own creative spin where in one instance, the local rugby teams got together and would transform from their daily attire into their respective teams’ rugby jerseys and use a rugby ball instead of a make-up brush.


Stay at Home Collages

This was one of those trends that went away as fast as it came. Here, a group of people will hold up a piece of paper with a certain word written on it, and in the end result when the pictures are put together in a collage, it would send out a message emphasising on the importance of washing your hands, staying home and social distancing. Having started out amongst various influencers getting together to put out this message, it soon spread and the trend was caught on and given various creative twists, by local institutes, companies and even groups of friends!

So did we miss out on any quarantine trends you might have seen? Let us know in the comments section below!


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