Everything else.. Quick Recipes that you Can Easily Make at Home

Quick Recipes that you Can Easily Make at Home

2020 Mar 19


With all that’s been happening around with the recent COVID-19 outbreak and us being confined in our homes (for our own good), you might find yourself with some extra time on your hands. So if you happen to be craving some good food, here’s a round-up of some quick and easy fixes that our very own Aunty D. has put together for you to make at home.


Popcorn Chicken

Check out this super easy recipe if you’re a chicken fan! This is the perfect dish to keep beside you – especially when you’re binge-watching all those movies!



Beer Battered Potato Wedges
I think we can all agree that beer makes everything better (Corona anyone?). So why not have it in every which way we please? try out these scrummy beer-battered wedges while you’re at home. 



Crispy Chicken Fry
A good portion of fried chicken is everyone’s cup of tea. And if you’re looking to whip up a quick and tasty snack and not spend all your free time in the kitchen, this recipe is for you.



Easy Cheese and Sausage Rolls
If a savoury pastry is more along the lines of what you’re looking to make, then these delicious little cheese and sausage rolls might just be for you!



Batter Fried Prawns

A classic you just cannot go wrong with, try out these scrumptious batter-fried prawns with either the crowd favourite sweet and sour sauce or a creamy tartar dipping sauce.



Homemade Chicken Nuggets
I think it’s common knowledge that chicken nuggets are something we will always have a special place in our hearts for. So have a go at making these fan favourites while you’re at home.



Easy Chicken Sandwich

Quick, simple and let’s face it… we are always on the lookout for a great chicken sandwich. And Aunty D. has given us the answer to our prayers because this is a chicken sandwich to die for!



Cheesy Omelette Sandwich
Start off your day of social-distancing with this quick, easy and delicious cheesy omelette sandwich that’s bound to blow you away. 



Sri Lankan Club Sandwich
Check out this exciting club sandwich which has a very Lankan twist to it with Ambulthiyal, Seeni Sambol and Pol Sambol, instead of the usual slice of ham and egg you might normally find.



5 Minute Bread Pizza
This might just be the ultimate quick and easy fix to satisfy your pizza cravings at a time where our parents don’t probably have much faith in our trusty pizza delivery ayya-la.



5 Minute Bread Kottu
Another answer to our take-away cravings is this mouthwatering 5 minute bread kottu. While it may not be the ideal cheesy pilawoos-eque kottu we desire, it might still be worth the effort to give this humble bread kottu a chance. Desperate times, desperate measures.



Hot Butter Cuttlefish
Who doesn’t love to munch on these rings of scrumptiousness? If golden, fried hot butter cuttlefish just so happens to be the answer to your cravings, check out this recipe so you can enjoy them in the comfort of your home!



Spicy Kochchi Bites
No we’re not talking about the frozen ones you can buy at the store. We’re talking homemade. Follow these quick and easy steps to make your own spicy kochchi bites right from home (Cause homemade is always better, right?).



Tempered Ash Plantain Peel
Try making these healthy and yummy tempered ash plantain peels if you’re looking to take a more unique and traditional route of snacking.



Seeni Sambol (Sweet Onion Relish)

An unmatched classic, the seeni sambol (or the sweet onion relish), is something everyone should try at least once in their lives. So why not make use of all the time in your hands, and try making this classic.



Egg Rolls

Now while this might not entirely be the quick and easy recipes we promised, the egg roll is well worth it at the end. And let’s be honest, it’s not like you have much to do either. 



Let us know in the comments if you enjoyed having any of these finger-licking delicacies by your side during these trying times!