Restaurant Reviews The Paddington – Kynsey Road

The Paddington – Kynsey Road

2018 Nov 13

Open Time:

Monday to Sunday: 11.00am - 11.00pm (open till 12 midnight on Fridays)


No. 96, Kynsey Rd, Colombo 07.


Turn right from Ward Place to Kynsey Road and you’ll find The Paddington to your right, a few blocks down the road.

Contact No

077 8 442 442


The prices aim for the stars, sadly, their dining experience does not.



I find myself paying a visit to The Paddington every time they decide to relocate. From last year to now, they’ve relocated twice and both times, and my experiences were consistently similar; I’ve walked out of it swearing to never go back again. But, every time they start fresh in a new location, I always have the urge to pay a visit and try out what they’ve got.

To my dismay, the service was extremely slow. I almost walked out without having dessert because it took unreasonably long to arrive. They have an extensive menu but I’ve  come to notice that places with menus as long as academic journals usually serve dishes that are poor in quality, taste and presentation.





Love Passion Mojito – LKR 710

Not too many complaints about the Passion Mojito. The passion taste was a little too strong, but out of everything I tried, I wouldn’t mind trying this item again.


Lime Crush – LKR 595

The Lime Crush was a tad bit too icy and there were more parts of water than lime. Instead of being named a “Lime Crush” it should more aptly be renamed to “Crush with a hint of lime”.


Icy Chocolate – LKR 750

The Icy Chocolate is not worth anything over Rs. 500.

For 750, I was expecting something close to a Ferrero Lavish at Tea Avenue (which is only a 100 bucks more), but this wasn’t even close. It tasted more like blended, store-bought chocolate ice cream.




Chili Cheese Fries – LKR 795

I have not yet found loaded fries in Sri Lanka that remain crispy when they come to the table. So far almost everything I’ve tried in Colombo has been soggy by the time it hit the table and this was no different.

Apart from the taste and texture, the dish was not visually pleasing as well. There were sauce stains around the mouth of the bowl, which I had to wipe in order to get a decent picture.


Tempura Prawns – LKR 995

The prawns were tiny, over-fried and completely bland. The texture of the tempura coating was soggy and rubbery as well. Seafood is always slightly pricey, but these prawns are simply not worth the cost.




Double Cheese Chicken Carbonara – LKR 950

The texture of this carbonara was just right. The white sauce had a good consistency and quantity, however the cheese used wasn’t that great and impacted the whole dish.


Asian Marination Spicy Chicken Mince with Macaroni – LKR 895

I was a little skeptical over this dish since it seemed like a “Chinese” macaroni dish. It did taste like (Sri Lankan) Chinese noodles but I’m not too sure if this particular flavour works with macaroni. I wouldn’t recommend this, but if I were to choose between this and the Carbonara, I’d pick this.


Spicy Chicken Nasi Goreng – LKR 995

The Chicken Nasi was actually the best dish out of everything we tried. 

The portion was quite generous for 1 person, but too little for 2. The rice was the highlight of this dish; it was quite flavourful and it stood out specifically since the chicken satays didn’t. The chicken was over fried, dry, and almost too difficult to bite!


Man Eat All Meat Burger – LKR 1,095

I was very vocal about this dish with their staff because this dish (which was Rs.1095) was meant to have a chicken steak, a beef steak, sausage and ham. Instead, the burger I got was MISSING the beef steak AND the ham! How can you miss two CORE ingredients in an All Meat burger?




Paddington’s Chocolate Blast Waffle – LKR 850

After having an unpleasant dining experience, I was really looking forward to ending the night with some waffles and chocolate and I must say, I was quite surprised with this dish. I was partly expecting this dish to be bad as well, however  the waffles were warm with a layer of rich chocolate over it, accompanied by a dollop of chocolate ice-cream on the side.


Warm Banana Fritters with ice cream – LKR 795

It’s so rare that you’d find Banana Fritters in Colombo. The fritters here were slightly over-fried but did not carry a burnt taste in them. Thankfully, as it was paired with ice cream, the slightly over-fried char in the banana was not that evident.


Overall, we did not have a pleasant experience at The Paddington. Perhaps they could reduce the amount of items they offer so that they can focus on a few dishes and execute them well. The dishes also really lacked aesthetic appeal, which really matters if you’re paying about LKR 900 for a dish.



Have you been to the relocated Paddington yet? Let us know how your experience went in the comments below.


Tip – If you do find yourself here, we’d suggest you stick to the Nasi Goreng.



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