Restaurant Reviews Robata Grill and Lounge

Robata Grill and Lounge

2017 Jul 26

Open Time:

Lunch: 12.00 noon -3.00 p.m. | Dinner: 7.00 p.m. – 11.00 p.m. (closed on Tuesdays)


24 Dharmapala Mawatha, Colombo 03.


Movenpick Hotel, Next to Liberty Plaza

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A world of gastronomic nirvana of Japan

(Note: They do serve pork, but all other meat items served are halal certified)

Mövenpick is one of the latest restaurants in Colombo. We’ve already been there to take a first look at their all-day dining restaurant, Ayu and their beautiful rooftop bar, Vistas. Robata is their latest addition and is a beautiful sensual Japanese restaurant where meals are made to the art of cooking on white charcoal – which is what ‘Robata’ translates to. They’ve got a great dining area equipped with a Teppanyaki lounge, a sushi bar and a Robata Grill.

Their Head Chef Noboru Ozeki, brings in his expertise with carefully crafted sushi and a wide selection of bento lunch boxes for your tasting pleasure.  He joins Mövenpick Hotel Colombo with over 25 years of experience. Having earned his early skills in Tokyo, he then travelled the world, developing these skills further in Hawaii, India and the Philippines together with Iron Chef Morimoto during his gastronomical journey.

Here’s how our experience went…


Sake: Shirataki Tanrei – Rs. 1300 for 100ml and Aged Jozen Mizunogotoshi – Rs. 1500

For god’s sake, try it out yourself! (Note the pun)   


Ebony Cocktail – Rs. 1190

The Ebony cocktail is a mix of cognac, Nutella, Oreo and Butterscotch Ice Cream. You can opt for the Virgintail for Rs. 790. The Cocktail only has a subtle taste of alcohol and it tasted more like a butterscotch- Nutella milkshake. We weren’t too happy with it.


Kiwi Granate Cocktail – Rs. 990

The Kiwi Granate is a beautiful concoction of spiced rum, pomegranate and kiwi. You can opt for the Virgintail for Rs. 690. This was a fruity cocktail to have. Perfect to down one on a beach day during the summer. But the hints of alcohol were too subtle.

Winking Pinky Cocktail – Rs. 990

The Winking Pinky is a mix of vodka, pink guava, strawberry liqueur and lime juice. You can opt for the Virgintail for Rs.690. We liked the Winking Pinky the best. It tasted like you were drinking a jam – an alcoholic one. The hints of alcohol slowly starts to hit you, well into the drink.


Don 1964 Cocktail – Rs. 1190

The Don 1964 is a classic Cocktail and a mix of Bourbon Whiskey, Irish whiskey, Disaronno, Orange Bitters and cherry syrup. This was by far, the only cocktail with a good amount of alcohol in it. We liked it because it was a little strong and it accompanied the sushi quite charmingly.



Grilled Lemon Edamame – Rs. 860

The Grilled Lemon Edamame is a great appetizer and is young soy bean sautéed with garlic and olive oil served with lemon. However, we weren’t huge fans of the Edamame. The soy beans were a bit too tough to eat, and the bean strings unpleasantly stuck out.



Sashimi: Salmon – Rs. 1250

The Salmon sashimi was your authentic thinly cut fresh salmon served with uncooked daikon radish and wasabi paste. The Salmon sashimi was nice. If you’re someone that often goes out for sushi, then you’re in for a treat.


Nigiri: Ebi – Rs. 690

So Nigiri is ideally sushi made of thin slices of raw fish pressed over vinegared rice. We opted for the Ebi which was boiled shrimp and we’re glad we did. The rice was well cooked and the flavor was amplified with the addition of the prawn on top of it.


Sushi Roll: Yasai Futomaki – Rs. 1250

We wanted to give vegetable options a try and we opted for the Yasai Futomaki sushi roll. The elements in this consist of spring onion tempura, cucumber, carrot, Takuwan Pickle (Daikon Radish) and sweet shiitake mushrooms. Robata does have some great vegetarian Japanese options and we were delighted with the Yasai Futomaki Sushi Roll. This was by far the best. Both in terms of portion size and in flavor. The sushi rolls were packed with mushrooms and lots of flavor.


Grilled: Pepper chicken – Rs. 1250

The Grilled Pepper chicken looked and tasted amazing. It was a dish comprising of marinated chicken thigh served with lemon and mustard mayo. The Grilled chicken was commendably juicy and worked so well with the lemon mustard and mayo.


Robata Grill, Yakitori: Moriawase – Rs. 690

The Moriawase is assorted grilled chicken thighs, meatballs and wings – three pieces each. Each skewer, with the diced chicken thighs, the meatball and the chicken wings are a delight. The meatball literally tasted like a fluffy Omelette wrapped around a skewer. The chicken wings and thighs were thickly engulfed in a sauce and was delicious.


Robata Grill, Yakitori: Broccoli and Bacon – Rs. 340

The Broccoli and Bacon Yakitori slow grilled over hot white charcoal was broccoli wrapped with bacon and served with sea salt and lime. This was so good! A little too oily for our liking, but the broccoli and the bacon grilled together in a skewer tasted so delicious together.

Utabara and Broccoli & Bacon


Grilled: Utabara – Rs. 320

The Utabara is a grilled pork belly served with mustard mayo and Japanese chili powder. Even though it was quite a small serving, the meat was succulent and the mustard mayo worked on top of it made an interesting combo.


Teppanyaki: Japanese Seafood Pizza – Rs. 1750

The Seafood pizza was phenomenal. As someone who tried Japanese pizza for the first time, I was super surprised with what was served to the table. It looked less like a pizza and more like a patty with an abundance of teriyaki sauce on top. The base of the pizza was chunks of white fish and was followed by lots of veggies and sauce. What was particularly cool about the pizza was the fish flakes on top of it. These flakes would slowly flutter when kept over a hot surface. The little flakes that moved around were creepy at first, but pretty interesting to watch and eat.


Noodles: Yakisoba – Rs. 1550

The Yakisoba is a beautiful fried egg noodle with bacon, shrimp and vegetables. For a Rs. 1550, the dish was well packed with lots of elements. The crunchiness of the vegetables are paired with really soft bacon and flavor packed noodles.


Soup and Rice: Garlic Fried Rice – Rs. 350

The Garlic Fried Rice is stir fried garlic fried rice with egg and spring onion. One worth spending your LKR 350 on!



Green tea mousse cake – Rs. 950

The Green tea mousse cake had a beautiful light glaze on top of it and was topped with a delicate icing flower and a chocolate bark. The mousse cake was soft and fluffy and light. The green tea hinted through the luscious cake and the mirror like glaze.


Assorted Fresh Fruit – Rs. 850

This was your usual massive plate of fresh fruits.


Have you tried out Robata yet? Let us know what you think of it in the comments below! Is there anything we’ve missed?

Tip: Everything on this menu is a delight to have – we’d recommend you give the pizza a shot, something unique and exciting.