Restaurant Reviews Vistas Bar (Mövenpick) – Reviewed

Vistas Bar (Mövenpick) – Reviewed

2017 Feb 15

Open Time:

Sunday - Thursday from 05.30pm - Midnight | Friday - Saturday from 05.30pm - 2.00am


Liberty Plaza Car Park Rd, Colombo 07


Rooftop at Movenpick Hotel Colombo, between LB Finance and Liberty Plaza

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Truly the best rooftop bar yet


Mövenpick is quite new into the whole hotel scene and after our incredible experience at AYU, we had our expectations set for something even greater with our visit to their absolutely mesmerizing rooftop bar, Vistas. In comparison to the atmosphere at Sky Lounge or Cloud Red, by nature, Vistas is surely Colombo’s most chilled out roof top bar and lounge.

The prices aren’t mediocre, but you get great food and incredible drinks at the quite justifiable rates. Friday’s are the day to be at Vistas. They’ve got an in-house DJ and some amazing bartenders who would even entertain you to a flaring act.

Originated in 1948, the Swiss brand, Mövenpick has had exceptional success all around the world. Their branch in Colombo is officially their 84th hotel (as we were told), and it really is a hidden gem in the middle of the city. Also, it’s the first 5 star hotel to be around after 25 years in Colombo! – first one after Hilton.

Food and Drinks

Drinks: The Achcharu – Rs.990, Gal Pol – Rs. 890, Pears Cooler – Rs.990, Nanana Na Banana – Rs.890, Lychee Margarita – Rs. 900 and Passion Mojito – Rs. 900

The Achcharu is one of Mövenpick’s Sri Lanka-inspired cocktails. You can opt for the cocktail at Rs.990 or (if you want to stay away from alcohol for the night – for whatever reason), then you opt for a mocktail at Rs.690. They’ve got the mouthwatering ingredients you’d find in a typical street achcharu; raw mango, amberalla, pineapple and the 21+ appealing, tequila. This drink made the achcharu loving Sri Lankan in me so so very happy. It was perfect. I had my doubts about achcharu being in my tequila, but I was not mad with this drink.

Gal Pol is another one of Movenpicks signature whip ups. It’s a mix of coconut arrack, soursop and passion fruit purée. As a fan of soursop aka. anoda, this drink was a dream come true for me. It looked beautiful too, it was layered with the soursop on top and the passion fruit purée at the bottom. The distinct layering made it almost too beautiful to drink.

The Pears Cooler is a mix of Gin, Pears, Cucumber and Lemonade. This is definitely the kind of cocktail I’ll have instead of a pina colada by the beach. The cucumber and the pears were incredibly refreshing. It gives you that quick 15 second relief like what you were to get if you were to suddenly keep a cucumber slice or an eye mask on you. Think of that feeling, and then draw a parallel to experiencing it in the form of a drink. Every sip is more relaxing than the last. 

I had such a Despicable Me moment when I saw this drink on the menu, so I knew I’ve got to try it out. The Nanana Na Banana is a mix of Vanilla vodka, banana, almond milk and cinnamon powder. First impression, it tasted so much like a virgin banana smoothie because the alcohol felt a little light on the first few sips. The more you had, the more it hits you.

For our second round of drinks, we decided to try out their classic cocktails. Our first pick was the Lychee Margarita. The Lychee Margarita was by far my favorite,  great rendition of a classic. I took my time and sipped my margarita to my hearts content. This is something we loved so much and would absolutely recommend.

Our choice to go with the Passion Mojito did not let us down. The Passion Mojito was pretty good too. It was instantly refreshing and it was a great take on a classic.

Tapas: Crispy Miso and Ginger Fried Chicken, Asian Slaw, Miso Mayonnaise – Rs. 860, Curried Crispy Jackfruit Kiev, spicy tapioca chips, tree tomatoes chutney, Grilled Cuban Pork Sandwich, tomato salsa, banana chips – Rs. 950 and Negombo fried squid rings, green onions, dry chilies, like coriander mayo – Rs.940.

Imagine a big bowl of yummy chicken nuggets. This was ideally what the Miso and Ginger Fried Chicken was. The Asian slaw was much different to your continental coleslaw. The mayo that was a part of the dish also complemented the tinge  from the ginger that was infused into the chicken. A great dish to munch onto whilst hammering some good cocktails. The meat was chunky and the traditional Japanese miso seasoning and ginger did not overpower each other at all.

We stared digging into the tapioca aka. manioc crisps the minute they came to the table. Instead of a bucket of chunky fries, we had a pool of manioc chips instead. The polos cutlets (is what they were) was such a great take on something so Sri Lankan and authentic. It worked so well with the sweet chutney. This is something that’s bound to be a great hit amongst Lankans.

The plating here though – nailed it! The pork sandwich was accompanied with some crispy classic alu kehel. The pork was so finely shredded and packed into a toasted panini. The meat was tossed with some spice and was packed into a toastie. It’s not often that you see your pork as thinly and finely shredded like this, we almost mistook it for salmon!

Instead of podi street wadeis, you can plunge into a box of fresh crispy squid and like with a wadei, you can pair each bite with a badapu miris bite too. The seafood was much fresher and crispier than expected. The quantity too was wholesome for a Rs. 900.

Service & Ambience

The ambience was amazing. It was such a chilled out place with lots of space and some amazing drinks. Being the first 5* hotel in Colombo after 25 years, they really delivered in terms of the very high expectations we had of it. The service though was a bit slow, but this is understandable  knowing that they’re still in their first few months of service.

Have you dropped into Vistas yet? Let us know what you think of it in the comments below! Is there anything we’ve missed?

Tip: The Pears Cooler is the perfect thing to unwind to after a long week! Let the weekend sink in!