Food Where to Get A Good Breakfast in Colombo

Where to Get A Good Breakfast in Colombo

2019 Sep 28

Sri Lanka’s busy and vibrant capital is home to an ever growing restaurant scene, perfect for us lost foodies and hungry souls. From high-end restaurants at five star hotels to local joints and quirky cafes, you can find any cuisine possible in the crevices of our island home.

Most Sri Lankan cuisine is a fine accharu or pickle of our colonial past, and is filled with recipes and influences from traders back in the day and other immigrants who came to the country. As amazing as fusion cusine is we also listed out a few pure Sri Lankan to satisfy those ‘bath kade’ like cravings as well.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. The only thing my mother said that i truly abide by. A meal for champions if you may, or even considered the only reason to wake up in the morning, we understand your pain in finding the perfect spot to satisfy that breakfast itch and we are here to deliver the holy grail of breakfast lists.

In the event of hunger pangs after a night out of partying, we’ve also got a list of places that serve up breakfast super early. You can check it out here.


One Up All Day Breakfast

One Up All Day Breakfast


One Up has brought to Colombo the gastronomic experience of Australian cafe food. One Up All Day Breakfast is exactly what it sounds like, glorious breakfast options available to you all day. Is that not just the dream.

The restaurant is just a hop-skip-and-a-jump away down Kinross Avenue in Bambalapitiya. Unlike its previous location, the new One Up has got plenty of room for everyone and is, might I add, extremely Instagram worthy and opens bright and early at 8 am.

The food may be considered a bit on the pricey side of the spectrum but every mouth just seems worth it. Their food is made with love and precision that makes me want to shout ‘ take my money now’.

Opening Time : 8 AM

Address : 11, Kinross Avenue, Colombo 05

Contact: 011 2508201


Villa Raha

Perched on a secluded place down Macleod Road, Villa Raha is a quaint boutique hotel in Colombo that whips up a bunch of super delicious, picturesque brunch dishes.

The menu here is carefully curated, so settling down for a dish or two is quite a task because you are absolutely spoilt for choice. From simple Pancakes and Waffles to Crab Claw With Scrambled Eggs and Tuna Nicoise Tartine, everything on it sounds amazing.

Opening Time: 9 AM

Address : 33, Macleod Rd, Colombo 04

Contact: 0774272255


Crossroads Cafe and Restaurant


My little hidden morning gem in my hood Nawala is Crossroads, run by Tasty Caterers.  As with most Tasty outlets, the restaurant includes a section where you can purchase short-eats or lunchtime rice and curry. We’ve had the Tasty rice before and it’s pretty good. The Crossroads restaurant, however, offers more variety than your average Tasty outlet and the venue which is a big score.

With a funny menu dancing across a variety of cuisines (Thai, Western, Mexican, Italian, Sri Lankan), the food, while not authentic, lives up to the name of its proprietors and actually is quite tasty as well as affordable. Portions are good and price reasonable.

Opening Time: 6:30 AM

Address: 292 Nawala Road, Nawala

Contact: 011 2805844


Saraswathie Lodge

Saraswathie Lodge is one of the many open early morning. If you’re into South Indian food, especially vegetarian, these guys do a wonderful job in great, affordable portions in a very clean and efficient environment. This saivar-kadey vegetarian eating house is a popular stop on the Galle Road in Bambalapitiya for those who want to spend a little and eat a lot.

Opening Time: 6 AM

Address : 191 Galle Rd, Colombo 4

Contact: 011 2581913


English Cake Company

Family-owned English Cake Company has been offering delicious homemade cakes, sweets and savouries since it first opened in December 2012 at the Good Market at Battaramulla. From brownies and elegant pavlovas, to hearty pizzas and tasty quiches, to homemade yoghurts and custards, the bakery offers a great brunch alternative if you’re looking for well-priced European tastes. The use of fresh local produce, environmentally friendly packaging and no artificial colours, flavours or additives makes English Cake Company an almost guilt-free dining choice.

Cake for breakfast – I vote yes


Opening Time: 7 AM

Address : 2A Sulaiman Terrace, Colombo 5

Contact: 2501344


Dolce Italia

Dolce Italia


Dolce Italia’s outlet at Skelton Road aptly named the ‘Casa Dolce’, is a beautiful bungalow-style house turned into a cosy and warm pizzeria/restaurant and is easily one of my favourite places to pop by for a custard profiterole. ( Thank me later)

The Italian dishes are delicious and authentic, and most importantly affordable, and they have a quality range of savoury snacks to nibble on. They are a restaurant and bakery so you get to enjoy your short eats as well as your sit down ‘long eats’.

Opening Time: 7 AM

Address: 5, Skelton Road, Colombo 05

Contact: 011 2559900 


Sugar Bistro

Over the past couple of years, Sugar Bistro & Wine Bar at The Crescat Boulevard has become an increasingly popular hang out spot in Colombo. They’ve got fairly good food with plenty of variety, a chic and classy setting and some of the most enthusiastic service we’ve experienced.

Sugar Bistro’s main draw lies in the fact that they offer a lot of variety, depending on the occasion, whether it be a casual meet-up for drinks or even something more formal. Their menu offers a good range of options for salads, tapas and sandwiches along with their mains and desserts.  A bit on the high end when it comes to matters of the wallet.


Opening Time: 8 AM

Address: 89, Galle Road, Crescat Boulevard, Colombo 3

Contact: 011 2446229 


Tea Avenue

Tea Avenue is a very nice place to relax at for breakfast. Plenty of room, plenty of quiet, and I imagine especially their outdoor space next to curling trees would be particularly enjoyable very early in the morning. They also do your standard tea lounge waffles, teas and sandwiches, which are all-in-all alright and not too pricey. A good stable choice for the strapped bruncher with little time.

Opening Time: Bright and early at 6:30 AM

Address: 55, Barnes Place, Colombo 7

Contact: 011 2669 944


Cafe Kumbuk

Cafe Kumbuk


With a minimal aesthetic and a focus on local, organic and seasonal produce, Cafe Kumbuk serves up some quality food at a beautiful location. It’s a great place to go unwind, read a book, sip on a smoothie and waste away the brunch hours. They’ve got tea, coffee, and some of the best juices you’ll find in Colombo. They’ve also got a seasonal menu sampling from Asian and European cuisines.

Opening Time: 8 AM

Address: 3/1 Thambiah Avenue, Independence Ave, Colombo 00700

Contact: 011 2685310


Sugar Beach

This beach-side upscale cafe has slowly and surely crept its way into the heart of the local Colombo folk. It is the one decent restaurant on that stretch that does not expose you to the danger of beach boys.

This beach-side restaurant has a very authentic touch to itself with hanging plants, cozy lounge chairs, couches and tables by the shore.The dishes down at Sugar Beach are some of the most appetizing, fresh and delectable dishes you get for the price you pay! If you want to enjoy a nice breakfast by the waves you definitely need to check this place out.

Opening Time: 10 AM

Address: 43/11A, Beach, Hotel Rd, 10350

Contact: 011 7035135


Uga Residence

Rare at Residence definitely does casual mornings the right way! Their menu is simple to grasp and is amazingly affordable! Although the restaurant is generally on the pricey side, their breakfast menu boasts affordability whilst not compromising on its trademark quality. The space is perfect for a date or morning meeting, the layout is spacious and gives out the perfect casual vibe to kick-start your morning!

Opening Time: 7 AM

Address: No 20 Park St, Colombo 02

Contact: 011 5673000



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