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One Up All Day Breakfast

2017 Dec 9

Open Time:

08.00 am- 04.00 pm


11, Kinross Avenue, Colombo 05


In front of St. Peter’s College.

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They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so the concept of ‘All Day Breakfast’ is a godsend! Fueling our love of all things brekkie, One Up All Day Breakfast has brought to Colombo the gastronomic experience of Australian cafe food. Starting out small just over a year ago, they have come a long way, putting on the table some mouth-watering dishes like the Margot Robbie and Mr. Benny with its delicious variations.

Now, One Up All Day Breakfast has taken up at its new premises, just a hop-skip-and-a-jump away down Kinross Avenue in Bambalapitiya. Unlike its previous location, which wasn’t exactly the most spacious areas around, the new One Up has got plenty of room for everyone!

The new location is absolutely amazing; yes, your Instagram feed will love it! It has both indoor and outdoor spaces, with hues of blue and grey, as well as graffiti and vibes that are top notch. The brick wall outside and splashes of pink here and there are perfect. The waiters are pleasant people and super friendly, which makes you feel all the more welcome. However, the waiting time was a tad too long, but they tend to get super crowded (especially on the weekends) and it’s only been a few days since they opened.

One thing I have to mention is their perfect presentation. They’ve managed to maintain this quality from the restaurant’s inception, and I’m pretty sure Gordon Ramsay himself would give a 10 or at least 9 out of 10 for the beautiful presentation of their dishes. It’s almost too good looking to eat!


Brownies and Cream – Rs. 700

The Brownies and Cream milkshake was a bit too sugary for my liking, and was not thick enough. Nonetheless, the brownie taste pulled through extremely well in this drink, which made it quite the sensational combo of favourite chocolate dessert and milkshake.

Mango Berry- Rs. 800

The Mango Berry Smoothie was a concoction of mango, blueberries, strawberries and love (that’s what the menu said!) and tasted absolutely delicious. It’s an exotic, tropical drink that embodies all things Sri Lankan in a mason jar. The taste of cut through and it would probably be a great post-workout drink.

Berry Seinfeld- Rs. 800

Like Jerry Seinfeld, for some, this drink entails an acquired taste. The Berry Seinfeld is a mixture of mixed berries, banana, coconut water, curd and honey. It is a bit zingy and can be downright bitter and dry (which is probably an effect of the curd included), but it kind of grows on you after a few sips. You also experience a strong taste of coconut in the Berry Seinfeld.


Pancake King- Rs. 1500

The Pancake King is indeed a dish that lives up to its name and is easily some of the best pancakes I’ve tasted. The menu read that this was buttermilk hotcakes with blueberry compote, fresh banana, maple syrup and whipped cream. The key ingredient here was the buttermilk used to whip up the pancakes; it made them so light and fluffy. They were served hot and every single element in this all time favourite blended together so perfectly. A definite recommend!

Shitake Mushroom Toast- Rs. 1400

This was yet another rich and flavourful dish. A combination of fried shitake mushrooms with a poached egg, gremolata, dukkah and micro herbs on toast, this dish was a different one. Infused with numerous herbs, the mushrooms were well seasoned and the bread was toasted to perfection. However, the excessive addition of the herbs and spices was somewhat overpowering.

Stone The Flaming Chooks- Rs. 1500

Of course, the title of this sandwich was the main thing that caught my eye, but I am so glad that we did order this beauty! Out of the two savoury dishes we devoured, this was hands down my favourite.

Stone the Flaming Chooks is fried masala chicken with avocado, coleslaw, cheddar, sriracha, aioli and pickles, sandwiched in ciabatta bread. The chicken was the real winner here; it was flavoursome, cooked just right, and the combination of the chicken and avocado was a real taste-bud thriller. I loved that there were pickles in this sandwich, because let’s be honest; what’s a sandwich without a few pickles, eh? The salad in the sandwich also tasted fresh and really nice. The bread was a bit tough to chew through, and the eating process did get quite messy because it really was a mouthful! All in all it was one of the best sandwiches I’ve tasted!

Have you been to One Up All Day Breakfast yet? Let us know what you think!


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