Everything else.. A Lankans guide to using Social Media

A Lankans guide to using Social Media

2017 Mar 26


It is safe to say that social media has taken over our lives. As such, there is most certainly an unwritten etiquette for how to behave on social media, particularly when it comes to us Sri Lankans! There are certain things people do, don’t do, and most definitely shouldn’t do. We have compiled a list of some of these below!

1. Not Liking or commenting on your friend’s picture

So your friend has just posted a selfie on all of their social media accounts, and if you decide to ignore it, you’re practically breaking rule no. 1 of friendship in the 21st century. In order to maintain a steady friendship, it is obligatory for you to Like that picture. A complimentary comment wouldn’t hurt either!

2. Posting a picture/collage for your friend’s birthday

If you’re a Sri Lankan living in this day and age, a Facebook picture collage is like a friendship band. If you don’t post a heartfelt caption and picture for your friend’s birthday, are you even really friends? If the world doesn’t know about it, it’s not real. In fact, including older pictures such as from your school days will seal that friendship bracelet – the more nostalgic the collage is, the better!

3. Ignoring a tag in a meme

If your friend tags you in a totally relatable and funny meme, it is compulsory to like that comment and then reply to it. If not, you’re the epitome of rude and your friendship is most definitely over. There will be no more tags for you.

4. Posting too much about your love life

This is a huge no-no in the social media rules. Unfortunately, most Sri Lankan social media users are obsessed with breaking this rule. We all have those friends on Facebook who are intensely focused on conveying their problems to the world, through sad pictures and love quotes, be it in Sinhala or English.

5. Posting on Instagram more than 3 times in a row

We all know there is a limit to how much you can post at a stretch on Instagram without being labeled as an attention-seeker! On Facebook, you can upload an album of 100 pictures and nobody would judge you. However, Instagram is different and the general rule is sticking to a maximum of three pictures in a row! We know you just went on an amazing trip to Galle, but post a few pictures and save the other three for a #tbt.

6. Pointless arguments

Undoubtedly, most social media users are guilty of this. As pointless as it is to have an argument with somebody over social media, we’ve all done it at one time or the other. Whether this conversation has been about politics, social issues, offensive jokes or even a silly argument over a meme, everyone has furiously typed out long paragraphs of an argument. Unfortunately, most social media discussions lead nowhere and end up being a complete waste of time.

7. Snapchat Stories

Sending a picture to a friend on Snapchat and then posting the same picture on your story is a definitive rule breaker. Snapchat private conversations are pretty pointless if the same thing is on your story. Mostly, it is simply a way for people to make sure that everyone has seen that one picture of that one delicious meal they had, and the new brunch restaurant they visited today.

8. Liking your friend’s ex’s picture

If you’re still communicating with your friend’s ex, you’re definitely breaking the girl/guy code! Although your friend may have blocked their ex on social media, your primary role is to stalk this ex and provide your friend with screenshots about their social media activity. Don’t start liking their pictures and talking to them! That would be classified as intense betrayal and you will end up having to post a picture collage to reaffirm your friendship.


Well, there we have it! These are a few of the unwritten rules of social media that most people seem to know, but don’t always follow! And if you were confused, you now have a guide to help you. Simply remember that above all else, do not post about your love life. Trust us when we say that no one wants to see that.