Weddings A Bride’s Guide

A Bride’s Guide

2015 Oct 29

by Yasonil Piyatissa


Preparing for the big day? Except you don’t really know how to prepare because this will most probably be your first time trying. Unless you have been on a romantic spree, girl. So here are some tips that’ll help you create a wedding day that’s so magical it will ironically seem effortless.

  1. First and foremost, no matter how irrelevant this may seem when you’re high on love, you need to set up a budget. Figure out how much you and your better half are willing and able to spend on each aspect of the wedding such as venue, flower arrangements, invites etc. Envision your wedding and draw up the budget accordingly. But also don’t fret if you can’t afford the extravagance you had in mind because there’s always a cheaper alternative that’ll still get you what you dreamed of.
  1. Optional: If you find it difficult to bring all the ideas that are exploding in your head together or you’re just too busy with a hectic schedule, unfortunately a symptom of modern life, or if your fiancé is happily being a typical male with no apparent interest in how his wedding is planned hire a wedding consultant to help you out. Nevertheless make sure you hire someone who is easy to exchange ideas with and who is open minded. You don’t want a stranger taking over your big day!
  1. Pick a date and time. It could be a special anniversary or just a time of year that you think the weather will be perfect. However, select a few good options so that it can be finalised according to venue bookings, the availability of the Officiant and important guests.
  1. The most controversial part in planning weddings, especially for the couples who are a part of our strong local cultures, is selecting a wedding party and planning a guest list! Your ears are guaranteed to be filled with demands asking you to invite the PodiNandha you have never seen in your life and/or you will feel obligated to have every kid in the newest generation of your entire family be flower girls. It is up to you to make the crucial decisions that’ll keep you satisfied with a guest list of your choice so get a head start on it! As soon as you’re done start on the seating plan andmake sure you’re aware of all the family drama while doing so. Now you can select an invitation design and deliver it in due course.
  1. Delightfully ponder upon and shop for, ideally the most exciting part of planning a wedding, your wedding attires and rings! These two things will constantly have you changing your mind with every wedding magazine you look at. The options out there are limitless. Keep browsing until you find one that’ll sing to your heart’s desire and purchase it. Don’t rush yourself and make rash decisions but also don’t take too long.
  1. Food and wedding cake is probably the main thing guests look forward to at a wedding. Try and pick a menu that everyone can enjoy and have options that’ll cater to guests with certain preferences such as vegetarians. You don’t want to leave anyone hungry! Another thing that gets guests get excited about are the wedding favors. Plan ahead on the little present you want to gift them and decide how you’re going to prepare/purchase it.
  1. Choosea theme for your wedding and the looks for your bridesmaids, best men and flower girls. Pick flower arrangements, other decorations and a cake design accordingly. It could all be based on something similar or could even be a fusion of colours and themes that you like. However, you don’t want to get carried away and have too many features that don’t go together. A little is sometimes exactly what you need.
  1. Research on and book your wedding professionals. Pick a photographer, videographer, florist that will suit your taste and demands. Decide on what kind of entertainment you want. An elegant pianist and violinist, a DJ or band that’ll make you bust a move for a couple’s dance that you will never forget?
  1. Write your vows, if required. These are promises you make to your loved one that’ll last for the rest of your time together. Spend time on it the way it deserves and write a vow that’ll melt his/her heart.
  1. Finally, it’s time to spend some quality alone time and kick start your life together with a bang! Plan your honey moon and prepare passports, transportation bookings etc. if necessary. Travel to a destination that you both will love nearly as much as you love each other.