KindleLeaf The Moon in the Water – Ameena Hussein

The Moon in the Water – Ameena Hussein

2017 Feb 26

by Ridhmi Subaseela

Khadeeja Rasheed has the perfect life in far away Geneva. A loving family, a fulfilling career and an adoring boyfriend. When her father is accidentally killed in a bomb blast, she returns home to Sri Lanka. There she discovers a secret that threatens to destroy family bonds and reveal complicated threads of love, loyalty and betrayal. The Moon in the Water brings a young woman’s search for recognition and family vividly to life. In this story of deep desires, identity and passion, Ameena Hussein draws a dramatic portrait of loss, bewildering love and possible forgiveness.

This is a deeply reflective novel which explores many an intricate topic, especially that of loss and the complex nature of love. Ameena Hussein begins by successfully presenting the contradictory aspects of Khadeeja’s life, a feat if not executed correctly could have been jarring and off-putting. Amongst the most interesting portrayals of this story are the cross cultural variations of Sri Lanka, particularly in the case of headstrong Raushen Gul and her friendship with Nelum. Even after the revelation of the central mystery in the second half, Hussein captivates the reader with the complicated aftermath of secrets discovered.

The Moon in the Water is a thought provoking tale which leaves the reader pondering the intricacies of tough decisions, actions in the face of devastating loss, and conflicting desire. While some readers may find the tragic ending unwarranted, it achieves its goal of making you reflect on the uncertainty of human life. Moreover, we see Khadeeja having to deal with the loss of something so dear to her so soon after its discovery, that there was no time to develop initial, apposite feelings toward it. Despite its tendency to sometimes get lost in its own contemplations, with quite a few twists and turns, this novel makes for a very interesting read.

Rating: 3.5/5


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