Restaurant Reviews Pizza Hut’s Thin Crust Pizzas – Reviewed

Pizza Hut’s Thin Crust Pizzas – Reviewed

2017 Feb 24

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11.00 am - 11.00 pm



So thin, so light.

Pizza Hut is Sri Lanka’s oldest and most loved Pizza fast food chain. It has given us a whole range of delicious treats throughout the years and tantalized our taste buds with a range of country customized and demanding pizzas. In this all new range, your choices for toppings are: Chicken Supremo, Veggie Supremo, Fiery chicken, Tropical Hawaiian, Pepperoni Classic, Super Supremo, Hot Garlic Prawns and Margherita.

On a hectic day after work, we decided to pop into Pizza Hut to try out their range of very newly introduced thin crust pizzas. I was a little confused at first, because they already have their Italian thin crust range, but I was told that this crust was thinner and better. Aaand, the pricing points were different too. The Italian range is slightly higher because the pizza is two inches larger. Here’s how our experience went…


  • Margherita – Rs. 1000

The Margherita pizza was topped with basil leaves, one a slice. This pizza has a thin, light crust, baked with sun ripened tomatoes and a thick, chunky herb infused tomato sauce, complemented by oregano and fresh basil leaves all blanketed by handfuls of stringy mozzarella and parmesan cheese. The Margherita pizza was not a let down at all. The very filling slice was topped with chunky slices of tomato and a few corn kernels for garnish. It felt authentically Italian with the crust being even thinner.

  • Veggie Supremo – Rs. 1000

They really do go overboard with the ‘supremo’ suffix. This pizza is a gourmet pizza with a thin, light crust baked with a delightful combination of mushrooms, tomatoes, onions, black olives, corn and bell peppers blanketed by stringy mozzarella cheese.The Veggie Supremo Pizza was stuffed with olives, mushrooms, corn kernels and lotsa cheese. As a meat eating carnivore, the Veggie Supremo Pizza did not disappoint. A common notion is that vegetable pizza usually doesn’t taste as great as much as the meat ones do, but this extravagant slice proved it wrong.

  • Fiery Chicken – Rs. 1300

The Fiery chicken pizza is a gourmet pizza with a thin, light crust baked with spicy chicken, sun dried chilies and slices of jalapeños, topped off by handfuls of mozzarella cheese. The Fiery Chicken did look hot and spicy. The tomato purée and all the spices made it look lava underneath a spread of cheese. The pizza was amazing! Albeit it was spicy, but it tasted amazing.

  • Tropical Hawaiian – Rs.1300

The  tropical Hawaiian pizza looked like it just came after chilling on the beach. It was topped with an abundance of pineapple pieces and some shards of cubes chicken. If you share the same sentiments as the President of Ireland’s “no pineapple in your pizza” ban, then this isn’t your cup of tea. If you are one, you are missing out on a great pizza. The juicy pineapple and the scrumptious smoked chicken work so well together. It’s a gourmet pizza with a thin, light crust baked with chicken ham and pineapple blanketed by heaps of stringy mozzarella cheese.

  • Pepperoni Classic – Rs. 1700

The pepperoni classic is a gourmet pizza with a thin, light crust baked with slices of beef pepperoni, jalapeños and onions blanketed by mozzarella cheese. The pizza was abundant with slices of pepperoni and jalapeños. I was pleasantly surprised with their Pepperoni Classic topping. They did not lay low on the Pepperoni either. The pizza was beautifully layered with a primary layer of Pepperoni and topped with a generous layer of mozzarella topped with jalapeños and olives.

  • Super Supremo – Rs.1700

Pepperoni, chicken sausages and chicken bacon; these are the godly ingredients in the Super Supremo- their most loaded pizza yet. The Supremo is such a run for your money. It’s loaded and does not let you down. It’s a gourmet pizza with a thin, light crust baked with a delicious combination complemented by onions and olives together with slices of jalapeños, all blanketed by deliciously stringy mozzarella cheese.

  • Chicken Supremo – Rs. 1700

The chicken supremo was loaded! It was loaded with ham, chicken cubes and strategically placed olives.  It was a gourmet pizza with a thin, light crust baked with BBQ chicken, chicken meatballs, chicken bacon and kochchi chicken sausage meat complemented by olives, bell peppers and onions laid on top of a layer or cream cheese and topped off by mozzarella cheese. The chicken supremo was personally my favorite. I crowned it #1 because it was so incredibly creamy. They’ve added in a of cream cheese on top of the marinara and it really made a great difference in the pizza.

  • Hot Garlic Prawn – Rs. 1950

Pizza Hut’s Hot Garlic Prawn topping has always been my favorite, and in terms of presentation, this Pizza did not disappoint. This is a gourmet pizza with a thin, light crust baked with prawns marinated in spicy sauce complemented by garlic, sweet corn, black olives and cherry tomatoes topped by heaps of mozzarella cheese! The Hot Garlic prawn was also higher up the spice scale. The prawns were surprisingly fresh and super soft.


Tip: The Pizza is 10 inches and enough for 2.  



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