Fashion Must-See Makeup Trends for 2017

Must-See Makeup Trends for 2017

2017 Mar 10

by Vandana Hiranand 

The dazzling world of makeup is a versatile art form, which is always changing based on seasons and popular fashion trends. That said, the most popular makeup trends for 2017 have already begun to steal the red carpet and runway, setting the tone for the rest of this year. Makeup trends for 2017 seem to belong to two extremes which are poles apart, one being the subtle natural makeup look, while the other makes a bold statement, in the form of colours, styles, or even glitter.

1. Neon Makeup

Image Courtesy of Cosmopolitan

The colorful trend of neon makeup is all the rage this year. Particularly with regards to eye makeup, strips of fluro coral and copper glitter are being noticeably dashed across eyelids and painted across lips. Undeniably the new look for Spring and Summer of 2017, get ready to see dashes of neon everywhere. As bold as the look may be, the results are both fashionable and simple.

2. Nude Makeup

Image Courtesy of Cosmopolitan and Brit + Co

The classic and elegant style of nude makeup is back this year. Keeping in tone with the natural and popular ‘no makeup’ look, nude tones will never go out of style. Makeup artists are experimenting with nude colours to create a fresh and clean look. Whether in the form of eye-shadow or lipstick, nude colours will accentuate your look.

3. Blush bombs

Image Courtesy of Harpers Bazaar

The old subtlety of blush has been discarded, and blush bombs are the new trend. Glossy pink lips and a strong rosy red of intense blush is the new combination. Paired with a shiny highlighter, this blush reaches beyond the arch of a model’s cheek, and is blended all the way up to eyes and temple.

4. Glitter

Image Courtesy of Cosmopolitan and Harpers Bazaar

That’s right; glitter is making a strong comeback this year. In 2016 we experienced the glitter hair trend, and this year glitter has been incorporated into a daring makeup look. Touches of silvery sparkle have been used as under-eye makeup and even on the eyebrows and lips of some models.

5. Bold Lips

Image Courtesy of Harpers Bazaar and Cosmopolitan

A classic red lip always makes a fashion statement. This year, makeup artists have taken the classic red to the next level, with an intense color which is the focus of attention. The venture into bold lips is making a comeback, with an array of peach, electric orange, fuchsia, colorblocking, and purple-gray, with an occasional overtone of gothic vibes. Needless to say, the results are striking.

6.High Rise Eyebrows

Image Courtesy of Cosmopolitan

Thick and slightly arched eyebrows have been all the rage in the recent past. This year, we notice a shifting trend towards high rise eyebrows. While the basic fashionable shape of eyebrows has remained the same, the arch towards the corner brings more structure to the face. Paired with the recent trend of glitter, they look fabulous.

7. Intense Highlighter

Image Courtesy of Harpers Bazaar

The importance of glossy skin has not been lost on makeup artists this year. In fact, many have stepped up the game and focused on highlighted cheeks, which give a shinier and glowing look to accentuate the cheekbones. Fresh, raw, and glowing skin has been a major trend this year, paired with an intense highlighting, occasionally mixed with gold or pink pigments to add a touch of sparkle and warmth

8. Popping Eyeshadow

Image Courtesy of Cosmopolitan and Harpers Bazaar

Makeup artists are not holding back with the intense and different colours and styles this year! A clean makeup look with a powerful stroke of bursting color across the eyelid is gaining popularity. While the classic eye-shadow technique is still heavily used, newer shapes and strokes are making a bold statement, coupled with the unusual colours.

9. Smudged Smoky Eyeliner

Image Courtesy of Harpers Bazaar

Imperfect eyeliner is the spring 2017 look. Random dashes of smoky grey eyeliner across the eyelid in a haphazard manner look smudged and stunning. Many artists have begun using this trend to celebrate negative space and create a lighter version of the smoky eye, without overpowering the whole face.

10. Bold Graphic Eyeliner

Image Courtesy of Cosmopolitan

This year’s newest trend is arguably the best combination of subtle and striking. Graphic eyeliner which highlights the corners of the eyes is undeniably glamorous and perfect for mixing things up at your next event. The elongated eyeliner is the next cat eye, being both simplistic and gorgeous.


So there you have it, the emerging makeup trends for the year 2017, many of which will be quite fun to experiment with. Get ready to try out these new looks at your next party!