Uncategorized Lankan Girl Issues: Let’s replace the heels!

Lankan Girl Issues: Let’s replace the heels!

2015 Nov 24

It’s completely legitimate to want to chop your own feet off after walking 10 feet if you’re wearing heels. The embarrassment and the pain are tiring to deal with and to top it off Sri Lankan weddings/parties tire you even more. It sucks to have to take your heels off halfway through a party just because your feet are killing you. And now, you have to lift your sari up when you walk because the sari has officially become too long and you’re likely to trip on it,fall and break your head. We want our shoes to look cool, sophisticated and sexy, but we also want to walk straight and well, be able to walk! Yes, flats can replace your heels… follow these tips and you’ll see less heels randomly tossed across the dance floor when the beat drops. Keep reading and find out how.

If you love high heels, great! More power to you. But for many of us, high heels are torture devices. The truth is, there are enough great flat shoe options out there that if you don’t want to wear heels, you seriously never have to again — not to a wedding, to a party, to work, or on a date.

Here are some tips to keep in mind as you leave your high-heel masochism behind you and journey into a more comfortable, but equally chic, future.

  1. The Minimalist Sandal

Your sandal must be as low profile as possible. Maybe a gold/bronze or even a nude shade that would blend seamlessly with your outfit or even match your skin tone is ideal. This keeps it on the low-key and at the same time, doesn’t steal away the focus from the rest of your look. Places like Gennelle or even Cotton Collection are famous for their range of minimalistic, quality sandals.


  1. Into the wild

A little bit of animal print does no harm to anybody and can go a long, long way, whether it’s accompanied by a stiletto heel or not. For a more expensive, sophisticated look, stick to natural-looking color combinations and rich textures. Walk down a couple of shoe shops in Nugegoda or Dehiwala and you will be blown away by the wide range of patterns and designs they have in store with regards to animal prints; both style and quality assured!


  1. The Sleek Black

Black flats are as sexy as they can get. They can definitely be just as sexy, sharp, and versatile as classic black pumps. With a pointed toe and a glossy finish, a black flat will suit the purpose of a classic black pump. Black pumps are very convenient to find. Walk into your nearest shoe shop and you are bound to find one you’d like.


  1. The Bold One

Bold flats in suede look daring. The texture of the material adds a dimension to the colors in a way that’s not always present with matte leather (especially faux matte leather which often makes colors look flat and slightly dingy). Odel offers a beautiful range of bold and daring cloured flats. Bold colors look especially rich in suede, even if it’s a faux suede. It doesn’t always necessarily have to be a flat, it can also be a smaller heel that will look both professional and fun!

  1. Day-to-night metallic

Wear them all day and all night! Bold and sexy at the same time. Most of us stray away from metallics is because of the extra attention it drags to our feet. Take my advice girl, having at least one pair of metallic sandals in your closet won’t hurt nobody. Sri Lankan parties can vary from the boring ‘just dinner’s to ‘extreme baila’ to ‘turnt-up-club’ and a metallic shoe can always be your best friend when you don’t know what to shows to put on. Metallic shoes are the ultimate in day-to-night footwear and in their flat form you’ll be able to wear it at any point in time throughout the day.


  1. Making a statement

Are you are worried that a flat shoe in a bold print will draw too much attention to your feet and make them look bigger than they are? Balance your look with other fun, colorful clothes and accessories higher up. That will keep the eye moving all over your outfit — from shoes, to bag, to shirt, to sunglasses, and so on. Make a statement with colours, prints and patterns. You should definitely check out the shoe and sandal collection at Charles & Keith. From amazing designs to patterns to quality. Their shoe collection is heaven for the ultimate shopaholic. It’s worth every rupee you spend.


Go ahead and transform your closet. Never again will you have to struggle to walk at a party. You can thank me later girls.


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