Food How to Stick to Your New Year’s Resolution of Eating Healthy

How to Stick to Your New Year’s Resolution of Eating Healthy

2017 Mar 2

This is a resolution we have all attempted to keep every year and failed at repeatedly within the first few days of the year. Eating healthy is a hassle mainly because of our preconceived notions of healthy food being viewed as yucky and blehhh. The sight of boiled vegetables like broccoli or cauliflower (usually the most hated of vegetables) are enough to make anyone grimace not to mention the sheer thought of eating boiled potatoes  as opposed to eating them in the form of fried chips maybe, which is so much more amazing! With the start of a new month here are a few tips on how to at least attempt to eat healthy the rest of the year(January and February are your trial months)  instead of completely giving up.

  • Your ultimate goal doesn’t need to be weight loss

A common misconception is that most people assume eating healthy means you want to lose weight, this isn’t so. One can eat healthy just because they want to and this is one of the best reasons to do so. So don’t think that this is a resolution only for people who want to lose weight, it isn’t!!

  • Do it for yourself

If you really want to start eating healthy make sure you do it because you want to and not because you want to copy your friend or because you’re being forced to (unless it’s by a doctor). If you do it for yourself chances are you will be more determined and focused as it is a personal goal of yours as opposed to you trying to achieve someone else’s goal.

  • Don’t stop just because there isn’t a change

Whatever result you’re hoping to achieve takes time. Your body is going to need to adjust to your dietary change so it’s not going to show in a month. Instead make sure you continue with your healthy diet and in time change will happen and it will be worth your patience.

  • Forget the boiled vegetable and soup diet myth

Today healthy food is not confined to mere boiled foods and ridiculous diets rather it includes eating good quality food in appropriate proportions. Eating a handful of nuts as snacks instead of junk food is just one instance that proves that eating healthy isn’t yucky (I mean who doesn’t love nuts? *wink wink*, unless you’re allergic to them of course). Eating fruits as desserts maybe a challenge to the chocoholic/ sweet toothed individual but if you’ve chosen right, a fruit based dessert can be tasty, too (OK, so maybe not equal-to-chocolate-tasty but still). Therefore, don’t assume the worst when it comes to food as this is one reason to give up eating healthy.

  • Yummy and healthy places to eat from

1. Watch your calorie intake with Calorie Counter at Thimbirigasyaya.

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Their  menu includes Honey Mustard Chicken, Salmon Steak, Australian Angus Beef  to name a few.(No I’m not lying). In addition they provide the amount of calories each dish has so that you know how many calories you will consume.

2. Eating healthy isn’t so bad with Healthy Living at Havelock Town

They have a menu which offers tasty sandwiches and rice and curry dishes which will indefinitely please your taste buds and your tummy.

3. Keep it organic with Café Kumbuk at Horton Place

Using freshly grown organic produce they offer a variety of tasty dishes which include waffles, blueberry pancakes, wings and risotto to name a few. These dishes can be paired with a delicious cup of coffee or tea, which are of the best quality!!! Check out our review here.

4. Check out Kumbuk Kitchen to satisfy your vegan cravings

Kumbuk Kitchen is ideal for all the vegans and for anyone who, in general, want to eat healthier as it specializes in vegan dishes and is situated at the Good Market shop at Lakpahana. Don’t forget to check out the review here.

5. Smoothen out your life with Smooth it up

This specializes in delicious smoothies as its name suggests and is located at the Body Bar Gym in Havelock Town. It is the much needed refreshing finish to that grueling work out you just had.

6. Keep the calories low with Yo-Mo

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This offers refreshingly tasty low fat frozen yogurt (honestly it’s tastes like the mix of normal yogurt and ice cream, but it’s more towards towards the yogurt side. Also, it’s 98% fat free !!!!).  For all you sweet-teeth out there, don’t despair as this is a perfect little dessert  which helps beat those calories . Bonus ?? It helps beat the heat too !

Most outlets include a post workout meal for the serious fitness fanatics so make sure to check it out !!

Hope this helps you stick to that New year resolution this year☺