Health & Beauty Caring For Your Beautiful Lankan Skin

Caring For Your Beautiful Lankan Skin

2017 Jan 24

Caring for your skin is typically not optional; you need to look after it with great care. When it comes to caring for your skin, maintaining the right level of moisture is vital.

In case you are wondering why it is even necessary to moisturize your skin, here are a few good reasons. It is an inexpensive way to give your skin the pampering it deserves, in the comfort of your own home or even whilst on the go. However, since our Sri Lankan skin is one of a kind, we ideally need a customized moisturizer.

More importantly, it helps hydrate dried skin. Our tropical Lankan weather is really something, especially since it is one reason why so many tourists come here to kick back and relax. However, the tropical climate does have some adverse effects on our skin because the heat can dehydrate our skin, thus creating an enhanced need for moisture. Furthermore, properly caring for your skin and keeping it hydrated may help slow down the aging process, and let’s admit it; none of us actually prefer to age any faster!


Joining the highly esteemed Velvet family, the Velvet Lotions range ensures that your skin is enhanced to the best it can be. Designed especially for the likes of our unique Lankan skin, Velvet Lotions will bestow healthy glowing skin, with the help of nature’s goodness. The range is infused with the magic of science and this combination of nature and science is ideal for our Sri Lankan skin. The natural ingredients are rich with their own benefits that greatly contribute to skin care and the fact that these benefits come together with new technologies, is what makes this range unique.

The range includes three lotions, with saffron, avocado butter and the sakura flower which all play vital roles when it comes to taking care of our skin. Glow Perfect with Saffron and 360 degree lightening technology, All Day Fresh with Sakura Flower and fragrance lock technology and Intense Nourish with Avocado butter and moisture renewing complex make up the range of Velvet Lotions.

Glow Perfect includes a unique technology that works wonders with our Sri Lankan skin. This is the magical combination of science and nature; the 360 lightening technology. This involves a simple three step process. First, UV blockers protect skin from darkening. Next, fairness vitamins lighten the skin from within overtime. The final step of this process includes the wonderful saffron; this wonder of nature adds a visible golden glow instantly! The variant also benefits its users by providing protection from the harmful rays of the sun, superior moisturisation and lighter, softer skin.

All Day Fresh bestows instant cooling freshness right throughout the day. It is rich with the lasting fragrance of the Sakura flower and makes use of fragrance lock technology, thus ensuring the unwavering aroma of the lotion.

Lastly, Intense Nourish will greatly assist with the plight of dry skin, and this is a problem many of us face mainly due to our tropical Sri Lankan conditions. This lotion will instantly nourish and moisturize your dry skin. Moreover, like the other variants of the range, Intense Nourish also makes use of the combination of science and nature. The coalition of 5 actives, Olivem 1000, Niacinemide, Vitamin-E, Moisture butters andHydrovance form the moisture renewing complex, giving better nourishment.

The range is good value for money and will help you care for your skin with ease. It will give your skin an instant glow that makes you look fresh and youthful at all times. After being copiously tested on Sri Lankan skin, it can indefinitely be concluded that the range brings an instant glow and has been favoured by many consumers.

It isn’t about changing how you look, but about enhancing your already beautiful and natural Sri Lankan skin and Velvet’s range of lotions will help you do just that!