Health & Beauty Bitter Gourd Seeds: Cure for Cancer?

Bitter Gourd Seeds: Cure for Cancer?

2017 Mar 20

Cancer can be a real life destroyer. Not only can it really set the diagnosed person back in life, but it can also bring loved ones a great deal of pain. Ever since cancer emerged, people have been on the lookout for a cure that can kick this disease’s butt. Now, we may have the answer to our prayers!

Peradeniya University has been conducting a research that has brought to light a potential cancer cell destroying cure. This is the seed of the bitter gourd.

Professor Jayantha Rajapaksa of the Veterinary Faculty, who was a part of this research, stated that during the course of his one-year research, the discovery of the Alpha Steric Fatty Acid (ASFA) contained in bitter-gourd seeds was made possible and that it was found that it had the ability to suppress cancer cells.

He also added that one kilogram of pesticide-free bitter gourd seeds amounts to around Rs.8,000 and eight seeds are needed to create one capsule of the bitter gourd medicine. This medication apparently has no side effects and is currently being used in the treatments of such patients at the Kandy General Hospital Cancer Unit. The medication has proved to be successful.

He also mentioned that this novel medicine will soon be presented to the Medical Faculty of the Peradeniya University.



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