Everything else.. 8 Things That Cross Your Mind at a Lecture

8 Things That Cross Your Mind at a Lecture

2017 Mar 16

by Aanisha Cuttilan

We all know the struggle of scrambling to find your motivation to get out of bed in the AM and constantly asking ourselves if we really, honestly need this degree and eventually getting yelled at cause procrastination has already got us running late.

It is a universal suffering and I assure you, you are not alone in the struggle. So without much ado, here’s 8 things we all experience while sitting through a lecture:

1. The need for coffee

Be it a 9 am lecture or the fortunate ones who only have to endure a post lunch mental marathon, you know you aren’t going to get through these few hours without some type of caffeinated sustenance. Your first thought will be cast somewhere towards the Redbull/ Coffee/ Milo need that brews in your being and will be your only lifeline from here on out.

2. The constant need to check your phone

Running late this morning didn’t help with getting your morning hit of social media. So regardless of how much attention you really should be paying, your mind will constantly wander towards the little electronic gadget in your pocket. How many live Instagram stories are you missing out on? How many messages are in need of your immediate attention? How many Pulse articles haven’t you read and shared yet? Very pressing matters to worry about.

3. Must. Not. Sleep.

15 minutes into the lecture and your eyes are already drooping, your will to continue is waning and you do not know how much more you can endure. This is part of the process. Shake it up, buttercup. Pop some gum in your mouth, mentally slap yourself and get back on that transformation into becoming the beautiful literate and educated butterfly you were meant to be.

4. Realizing you should be taking notes

By this point you’ve zoned out to more important things than Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, like President Trump and the immigrant ban, the pointless SAITM protests or the fact that the guy sitting next to you won’t stop chewing his damn gum so loudly. All this happens so suddenly, that snapping back to reality isn’t the most pleasant thing.

But you realize that you got so carried away in your thoughts that you’re going to regret not taking down notes. So you listen for 2.5 seconds and then realize your pen writes so well and this class is so unentertained that you can literally hear the clock tick and you’re already on another mental journey down the yellow brick road.

5. That one moment you actually understand what’s happening

There is an oddly transforming point in a lecture, like a mini epiphany, when you realize you know exactly what the lecturer is talking about! Like hells yeah, I know what the Configurational Approach to Training is or Cognitive Dissonance finally makes sense or yes I know the equation to calculating Contribution. This high will either give you motivation to pay close attention to the rest of the lecture in belief that you’re finally learning things or – like me – you will use this one moment of learning to not pay attention during class for the rest of the week, and start thinking of other things instead, like:

6. What’s for lunch?

I know Ma packed lunch for me but do you think its chicken today or do you think it’s karawala, or do you think I should just buy myself a sandwich today? I’m probably in the mood for a salad though.. hahahahhaha who am I kidding. Great now my stomach’s grumbling, maybe I should get me some lasagna instead. Do I have enough money for that? Of course not, I’m a college kid, aiyo salli.

7. Doodles

And then the doodles start, knowing fully well that you probably have zero artistic bones in your body but at least it’ll make time pass by a little faster and give you something to fill up your notebook with because you took down zero notes during these couple hours and what is life even.

8. Time

Which brings us to our final stage. With 20 minutes left for the lecture to officially end your stare at the clock and pray the lecturer will stop talking anytime now, so you count your breaths with the tick of the clock and your agitated leg shake is rapidly increasing in rhythm and your patience level is dropping well below -2.

Tick-tock. Tick-tock. Tick-tock.

Is it time to eat yet?



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