Travel A Cozy Escape

A Cozy Escape

2015 Nov 6

by Yasonil Piyatissa

How ideal it is to just lie back and sip a hot cup of tea while surrounded by the tea hills themselves. The satisfying feel of hot tea soothingly gliding down your throat while the aroma lingers in your nostrils is sensual. The chill cozies your feet and hands while being delightfully kept warm by socks and mittens. The relaxing blend of warmth and cold is concocted to create the most comfy and chilled out holiday up in the Bogawanthalawa country hills.

A vacation to the hills is a rare occasion where the relaxation begins from the journey itself. The four hourdrive up the rising and winding Ginigathhena road is framed with picturesque views that will have your head constantly popping out the window for a better look. The climb up to heaven is surrounded by waterfalls gushing down like magnificent waterworks, tea hills which showcase an endless pattern lined with crisp tea bushes and bursts of colour from beautiful fresh flowers that perk out of the moist earth. As you get closer to the destination the overwhelming smell of tea leaves will give you a classic welcome to Bogawanthalawa.


The holidays is ideal for a family get away where you all can gather around and play some cards or have a nice chat while sipping a cup of hot cocoa. Or if you want to get away from the chaos and get lost in a book in the center of the hills that’s towering above you thisis the place to be. And to enrich your holiday further and make it a real Sri Lankan up country holiday go down to either a waterfall or stream that’s hiding away amongst the great hills and brace yourself for a shockingly refreshing dip. The icy cold water will leave you feeling fresh and alive.  Another one of the most ancient forms of activity when you are in the country is to go on an exploratory stroll. The scenery you can soak in from just one walk is unbelievable. You can walk along the tea pluckers and the many vein like streams that will follow you down the hills while collecting a rainbow of flowers that grow in abundance in that cool climate. Finally, you must make sure you head down to a tea factory and watch the fascinating and interesting process of turning the fresh green tea leaves in to an aromatic blend. Why shouldn’t you make a good holiday an opportunity explore the local activities as well?


Bogawanthalawa isn’t the most famous place that’s pops into your mind while planning a holiday. However, the log cabins and bungalows that can be rented there will pleasantly hide you away as you are tucked into the hills. It is a destination that will guarantee to bring you closer to nature and teach you to appreciate its simple yet over powering beauty.  The weather is always perfect there and waking up to the sun sneaking over the mountains and going to bed under the clear starry skies are the perfect tools for a perfect holiday.


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