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Three things that you should never do when using your mobile phone for calling purposes

2016 Aug 10

By Pubudu Jayakody

Today most of you are pretty much addicted to your mobile phones. It seems that the mobile phone has dominated its place in your daily life routine and you are unable to live without it. Mobile phones have basically constricted your life from participating in outdoor activities and unfortunately your memories remain inside of your mobile phone, not in your mind.

It is needless to say that the usage of mobile phones has an opportunity to harm your health. These are few important things that most of us do not care while using our mobile phones. Probably you might not know about these things and how they affect your health. That is exactly why you didn’t care about them up to now. You will realize about what you have been doing wrong with your mobile phone and the importance of them after you go through each fact shown below. But don’t panic! It is never too late to do the right thing.

Using the mobile phone on the right ear of you:

Now this is the worst thing that you could ever do with your fancy mobile phone. I’m pretty sure that you have heard about the damages done to the brain by mobile phones. But did you think why do they damage? Or how do they damage? Signals which are transferred between the mobile networks and the radio waves that are emitted from your phone while you are on voice calls could damage your brain in many possible ways. Nowadays many of you are quite comfortable with using mobile apps for calling purposes. Probably you might be using Wi-Fi technology as the internet source. Wait a minute! Did you ever have a doubt about keeping the data switch orWi-Fi switch ON while calling? No. But unfortunately 3G signals ( HSDPA+) , 4G signals and Wi-Fi signals which are dragged down to your smart phone when you are connected in to the internet network also increase the possibilities of damages to the brain.

So what should you do? Don’t worry because there’s a way of reducing all these bad effects and damages done to you brain. That is using your left ear instead of the right one while calling.You may wonder why. The reason is your right ear is directly connected your brain system. But the left ear isn’t fortunately. This is how it works exactly. Your right ear has the direct connection to the left hemisphere of your brain which consists of the auditory processing system of the brain. So basically all the frequency signals get the opportunity to have a direct connection with your brain while you use the right ear for calling. On the other side, left ear is connected to the right side of your brain. Sound waves that come through the left ear move in to the right hemisphere and then transferred in to the left hemisphere to reach the auditory processing system. This procedure prevents many of those harmful signals and radio waves which are absorbed by your brain from coming straightaway to your brain. So now it’s crystal clear about the reason to use your left ear while calling.

Keeping your mobile phone on the ear until the call is connected:

Most of you are used to dial a number and simply keep the phone on left or right ear instantly. Can you guess what the wrong thing with that is? The moment which your call gets connected with the person you called is the time that your phone searches and drags downallnetwork signals with the highest frequencies. At the beginning, your phone attempts to find the easiest path of making you connected to the voice call network. Well the easiest path means bringing down the highest frequency signals in to your mobile phone.These signals can be really harmful as they create extra possibilities to damage your brain system and at the end it could lead to a brain cancer.

Can you think of a way to get rid of this harmful effect? No need of thinking too deeply. Simply wait until the call is connected and then keep the phone on your left ear. Plus you can clearly detect when the call is connected through the screen. It is quite important to use your phone for calling purposes in this safe method so that you will mostly get only the good out of your mobile phone.

Calling in a low battery condition:

This is also one of the most harmful things that you haven’t been caring up to now. The battery of your mobile is always more likely to get discharged. With the mile long list of your smart phone apps, the battery of your phone never gets the chance to have a long life. Probably what you are used is to keep using your phone until the battery gets dead or very low. Did you have an idea about the bad effect you invite from doing that? Especially By using your mobile phone for calling purposes in a very low battery level, a possibility of emitting more radiation than the usual level arises. Having more radiation when your mobile phone is on your earis the last thing you want to expect from your phone. But this scenario is mostly depended on the type of the mobile phone you are using and the above mentioned possibility can vary from one phone to another. However as a common sense, you should know that it’s never good to use your mobile phone especially for calling purposes when the battery is in a critically low stage.