Tech Innovative Lankan Undergraduates Introduce First Water Polo Visual System

Innovative Lankan Undergraduates Introduce First Water Polo Visual System

2016 Oct 2

The Old Royalists Engineering Professionals’ Association, also known as, OREPA, is one of the youngest associations under the benefaction of the Royal College Union. OREPA, which was founded in 2014, is an organization which has always thrived upon its intents to promote sustainability, innovation and youth empowerment within Royal College and beyond its physical and metaphorical boundaries. The Union has strived to achieve these goals by seizing a revolutionary role in the fields of engineering as well as in other related fields.

At the Hayman Trophy Encounter held on 01st October 2016, Sri Lanka’s first Water Polo Visual System, which was developed by a group of young innovative undergraduates who are presently studying at the University of Moratuwa and at the Kothalawala Defense University, was quite successfully introduced and this was a substantial stepping stone for creative young Lankans. Although this technology was never used in Sri Lanka, it made its first appearance at the 2012 London Olympic Games. When the request for implementing this system was initially made, these undergraduates had no prior experience. However, gladly accepting the challenge, the youngsters worked long and hard to witness the success of their project.

OREPA, together with the Royal College Union invite you, with open arms, to be present at the second leg of the Hayman Trophy Encounter on Saturday, the 08th of October and be a part of the greatest schoolboy water-polo rivalry with international-level technology assistance!



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