Tech Gaming Reinvented with Sri Lanka’s Newest Gaming App

Gaming Reinvented with Sri Lanka’s Newest Gaming App

2018 May 9

Fast becoming is the age where 6 year olds who own iPhones and tablets are an incredibly common sight! It is certainly clear that gaming is obviously very much a popular activity. Us Lankans have been very dedicated members amongst the gaming community. If you simply take a look at the young generation, along with the many gaming competitions now hosted in the country, it is clear that we take this stuff seriously! Even more, our competitive Sri Lanka nature never lets us forget it. Plus, let’s face it – gaming is addictive and really hard to resist.

Although gaming is mostly related to those in the younger generation, even adults and the middle-aged folk are now tapping away on their phones and tablets, immersed in some game or the other! After all, in Sri Lanka itself, many mums, dads, and even grandparents are proud gamers! For these factors alone, development in this field is highly sought after in Sri Lanka.

Dialog’s latest gaming app provides exactly the development the country needs! Enabling access to world popular games across any network and updates on local sporting and gaming events (something that will undoubtedly gain favour amongst boys), the app also gives locals a national leaderboard (a perfect way to feed our competitiveness). The available game genres now include Arcade, Adventure, Puzzle, Strategy, Edutainment, Sports, and everyone’s favourite, Action!

All parents worry about the influences of gaming. Even though exposure to such content can never be thoroughly prevented, what leading companies aim for is to improve content. Dialog’s Gaming App does just that. With a selection of genres tailored for specific interests, the app also includes localized games that support educational curriculums. The positive sides to gaming are exemplified and enhanced!

Essentially, this app supports great content. It has edutainment games in both English and Sinhala, with Tamil games being introduced soon as well! So how can you get the app? Visit Google Playstore and download it to get started! A new gaming experience awaits!