Tech Don’t Just Shop, Make Money Too With The Affiliate Program!

Don’t Just Shop, Make Money Too With The Affiliate Program!

2017 Sep 15

Although a relatively new concept in South East Asia and a first in Sri Lanka the affiliate program has proved to be quite an immense success worldwide. With an increasingly difficult job market to enter, the affiliate program hopes to provide more than a little bit of relief. With taking the lead in Sri Lanka hoping to give their customers a chance to “Cash in on the E-Commerce industry by monetizing their websites, blogs and even their social media accounts,through a simple and effective concept,” says Country Manger Bart Van Dijk.

Country Manager, Bart Van Dijk

What is the Daraz Affiliate Program?

The Daraz affiliate program is an easy way to earn commissions by referring customers online to the website. The affiliates can use the Daraz creative ads or links on their website or Facebook page to refer a new or existing user to the Daraz website. When a customer makes a purchase through your referral you can earn up to 8% commission on the sale value. “The ease of set up and use was the key focus to enable anyone to become an affiliate, be it a stay at home mum, student or an executive, who just wants to make extra income to improve their lives” says Van Dijk.

Why become an affiliate?

Affiliates can earn up to 8% on a single sale with varying commissions for categories. Further incentives have also been put into place for affiliates, such as bonus schemes when a new customer makes a purchase and additional bonuses when an affiliate surpasses 15 conversions in the same month. There seems to be numerous reasons to become a affiliate but the core reasons seem to be its zero start-up cost, passive income opportunity, the sheer ease of use and accessibility. The other vastly contributing reason would be the mobility it offers its users i.e. being able to work full-time or study and still earn extra income without additional effort.

How can you sign up?

It’s simple, join the affiliate program by signing up at Fill out a simple registration process and once your account is verified you can start promoting. You can also observe your referred traffic through the affiliate platform to see how your ads are doing and make tweaks to your money making strategy accordingly.

Daraz seeks to build the most customer-centric online destination for customers to find and discover virtually anything they want to buy online by giving them more of what they want – a vast selection, best prices, fast and reliable delivery and a trusted and convenient experience with a world-class e-commerce platform. The Daraz Affiliate program aims to be yet another testimony to that goal.