Tech 5 ways to use a Plastic Bag for Photography

5 ways to use a Plastic Bag for Photography

2016 Dec 5

Siri-siri bags have more uses than just being destined for mama’s special bag. For all you photography enthusiasts out there, here’s a video done by Chung Dha on how you can exploit the advantages of your everyday shopper’s bag:



A useful tip for event photographers who don’t want to spend mad amounts of money on otherwise substitutable equipment.

Just inflate a white plastic bag and tie a knot at the opening. Pop open your flash and cover it with the bag to help remove the harsh shadows caused by a bright flash and make your subject appear more flattering.


Exemplified in the picture above, a viewer’s attention is drawn more to the subject that their shadow when a plastic bag is used for this purpose.



Pop a coloured plastic bag over your external flash to bring some soft colour to your pictures. Helps with wasting time on editing-in colours later on, and gives your pictures a not-so-obvious extra touch.




It’s probably easier to use a lunch sheet for this method, rather than a full plastic bag.

Wrap the plastic around your lens and secure it with a rubber band. You now have a dreamy, soft edge to all of the pictures you take.




What with Sri Lanka and our mad-unpredictable rains, it’s always a wise choice to keep a plastic bag in hand to use whenever the heavens decide to ruin your photoshoot.

Cover the entire camera and secure it around the lens with a rubber band, just like you did in the previous method. Voila, instant shelter for your favourite gadget.




And finally, the most basic trick in the book, if the monsoons decide to give you hell, you can always protect your baby by fully inserting it into a plastic bag.

The cheapest water-proof, shock-proof, instantly available camera cover you would ever need.



Watch the full video here:



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