2020 Mar 6

Open Time:

11 am – 11 pm



De Fonseka road connects Bambalapitiya and Thimbirigasyaya with WokBox situated right in the middle of it

Taking ‘Woking’ To A Whole New Level

Taking inspiration from the Chinese Cuisine and putting the traditional Wok to good use, Wokbox is one of the places creating major hype in Colombo. Their main dishes are based around yummy stir-fried noodles and rice, and a few starters that are bound to completely satisfy your cravings. With the added benefit of being able to customise your meals according to the bases, sauces, meats and vegetables of your choice, we decided to stop by Wokbox for the second time and boy, we did not regret it!



Dynamite Prawns (LKR 499)

We fell in love with this dish, just as  it arrived on the table because it smelled absolutely divine. Buttery, crispy batter on the outside, juicy, succulent prawn meat on the inside, it was a match made in heaven. The seasoning on the batter was absolutely on point and the prawns were served with a tangy, sour, mayo sauce with a hint of spice included in it, giving the dish balance in terms of flavour. If you’re a sucker for sea food and a lover of prawns, we would definitely recommend this dish! 


Chicken Wings (LKR 399)

With a Chinese Sweet and Sour twist to the traditional Chicken Wings, we absolutely adored this dish. The wings were coated with a sweet sauce that had a tomato base, inclusive of a hint of garlic. And the best part is, the tender chicken meat had completely absorbed the sauce, making our taste buds dance in joy. We were also pleasantly surprised by the portion size of the dish, as it was definitely worth the price. Needless to say, the Chicken Wings are 100 per cent a must-try at Wokbox.



Tropical Fusion (LKR 1445)

Living up to the name of the sauce, this dish made us think about a bright, sunny day on the beach. The flat noodles were soft and smooth, the sauce had a sour, tangy tomato flavour that was very bold. The dish included juicy prawns, broccoli and pieces of tofu, although we felt that the tofu was a little dry in terms of texture. We also felt that the dish lacked seasoning, which were the only areas that required improvement.


The Piping Clove (LKR 995)

Jasmine rice topped off with a tomato-based sauce that is sweet but has a spicy undertone, infused with chewy mushrooms and wholesome vegetables like broccoli and bell pepper, this dish was absolutely extraordinary. The rice had absorbed the gooey sauce, but was not at all soggy, which made us so happy. It goes without saying, we absolutely loved this dish and would totally recommend it.


The Mistress Choice (LKR 1494)

Trying their Penne pasta glazed with their signature kochchi sauce was a whole new experience all-together. The dish was garnished with crunchy fried cashews, giving the soft pasta a crunchy element. The dish was also infused with cauliflower that was nothing but yummy and wholesome. However, the kochchi sauce was undeniably very spicy. Considering the generous portion size of the dish, we would definitely not recommend finishing the dish by yourself, unless you either have a massively high spice tolerance level or you want to go home with a paralysed tongue by the end of your meal. If you’re heading over to Wokbox with your buddies and want to challenge your friends to a spice tolerance test, this is definitely the dish to go with!

When we saw that they serve Homemade Chocolate Biscuit Pudding on their menu, we were looking forward to treating our taste buds with sweet chocolatey goodness (mainly to alleviate our burning tongues) however, was quite sad to find out that they were out of stock.


AmbienceThe Wokbox restaurant feels very homely and comfortable, with upbeat music playing on the speakers and dimmed lights, making it the perfect environment for a chilled-out meal with your family and friends. The service was extremely satisfying, as the staff members were very hospitable, friendly and the food was on our table within a few minutes. We hope that they would work on improving their drinks and dessert menu in the future, however, we would definitely recommend you to give Wokbox a try, if you haven’t already!

Tip – Go for the Dynamite Prawns and thank us later!