2018 Nov 29

Open Time:

11 am – 11 pm | Closed on Monday


No 04, De Fonseka Road, Colombo 5


De Fonseka road connects Bambalapitiya and Thimbirigasyaya with WokBox situated right in the middle of it

Contact No

0114 990997


Wokbox – quite the hot spot!

Wokbox is Colombo’s latest craze, dishing up delicious stir-fried noodles and rice in large portions for quite an affordable price range. Their selling point is that you get your food in a Chinese take-out box, just like in the Hollywood movies! Unfortunately, the demand for their dishes is so high these days that they were fresh out of Blockbuster-reminiscent boxes for us to eat in. In terms of the menu, the focus remains on their mains, which is the noodles and the rice, with very few choices in terms of drinks, appetizers or desserts, but they do their mains so well that we don’t even mind!


Batter Fried Cuttlefish – LKR 499

They were fresh out of chicken wings when we decided to dine but boy, were we glad we had to settle for the batter fried cuttlefish! What we got was hot, crispy, fried cuttlefish swimming in garlic sauce. It was honestly one of the best cuttlefish dishes we have experienced in Colombo and it’s a definite must-try at Wokbox!


Ordering at Wokbox is quite interesting. The menu is divided into sections where you can choose your carbs, meats, veggies, and sauces, and you’re charged for each of them individually. Their signature sauces are quite experimental but a refreshing change to the regular flavours that Colombo has to offer, and are all made using fresh ingredients such as tamarind and kochchi, rather than powdered chilli powders.

Egg Noodles with Chicken and Tofu – LKR 845

Making the most of their signature Egg Noodle carb, we combined it with chicken, tofu, bell peppers and mushroom, topped off with the tropical fusion sauce, which has a tamarind base. Rich and flavourful, the sauce also has notes of garlic and red chilli, with the shredded chicken and red bell peppers giving the dish a yummy crunch. We wish there was a tad bit more mushroom in there, but all in all, this dish was full-bodied, loaded with toppings and quite a treat. For the price point, we also got quite a large portion, enough for two to share!

Egg Noodles with Prawns and Cuttlefish – LKR 1,145

Trying their Egg Noodles in a seafood alternative was another great choice we made today. We opted for prawns, cuttlefish, baby corn and peanuts, with a Piping Clove sauce, which was a combination of garlic and fresh red chilli. Though the sauce was more subtle in this combination, it came absolutely loaded with toppings, much more than the noodles! Large pieces of fresh prawn and cuttlefish left us feeling thoroughly satisfied with the subtlety of the sauce really complementing the freshness of the toppings.

Thai Jasmine Rice with Beef – LKR 696

We also tried out a rice option with beef, button mushroom and peppers, topped off with their Mistress Choice sauce, which was a green chilli and kochchi combination. They were all out of broccoli, which was a shame, but the jasmine rice was quite flavourful, and the beef tender and well cooked. The sauce was mind-blowing. It was flavourful, sure, but the burn of the kochchi ultimately overpowers everything else and would make for a great eating challenge, but would prove to be a little difficult to eat as a meal, unless your tolerance for spicy food is at level 9000000. If you’re up for some experimenting, this sauce is great, but if you want to have a good, hearty meal, I’d advise you to stick to the subtler sauces!

Wokbox serves Isle of Gelato ice creams for dessert but they didn’t have any in stock when we swung by so we unfortunately missed out on a post-lunch treat.

The ambience at Wokbox is super chilled out with the lights and the little signage giving their customers quite a few photo-ops and the killer playlist setting an upbeat yet laid-back mood for a great lunch or dinner. The service is friendly and quite fast, wish dishes arriving at your table in about 5 minutes. We would prefer more drink and dessert options but we admire the fact that they focus on their strong suit, so kudos to that!

Have you been to Wokbox yet? Let us know what you think in the comments!

Tip – Ultimately, the sauces make or break your meal so choose wisely, and make sure to get the batter fried cuttlefish!


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