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Wayne’s Junction

2017 Jul 14

Open Time:

11.00 a.m. - 10.00 p.m.


304/4 Hokandara Road 100679 Thalawathugoda


Hokandara Road

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A taste of Aussie at the Junction!

Walking into Wayne’s junction we were blown away with how adorable the place was! Built on the concept of bringing a little bit of Australia into Sri Lanka, we loved the decor; especially the little Australian flags on every table along with denim table mats! The place is said to get quite crowded and noisy (especially) during the weekends and boy were we glad we went in the middle of the week. We felt at ease and right at home from the moment we walked through the glass doors.

The employees behind the counter were very hospitable and friendly, that we had no problem letting them know our needs. They always checked in to see if we were enjoying ourselves and we’re more than helpful to give us recommendations off their (surprisingly) large menu.


Lime and Lemongrass Soda – Rs.250

Since the weather in Sri Lanka is usually unbearably hot, we couldn’t miss out on having this drink. Infused with a long strip of lemongrass, this soda was very light and did the job of quenching our thirst. Might we also add that it was a great drink to wash the yummy food down our throats!


‘Buff’ Chocolate Malt Shake – Rs.350

Named after their cute dog ‘Buff’, the owners of Wayne’s Junction concocted the best drink for a nice evening at home, especially for the kids! The Malt shake consists of chocolate, making it very thick and filling. On a side note, don’t have this drink unless you plan on eating light or simply if you have a small stomach. We tasted quite a rich mix of malt and chocolate, which we’d totally recommend if you were to visit this place!



Chilli Cheese Fries – Rs.350

One thing about Wayne’s junction is the worth for your buck! We noticed that most items off their menu are relatively cheap and worth the price. However this dish was a bit of a downer since it is NOT your usual, go-to chilli cheese fries. It consisted of baked potato wedges bathed in cheese and sprinkled salt. The wedges tasted quite bland if not for the cheese and salt, and we were quite bummed to see that there was nothing spicy about this dish. But upon confrontation, we learned that since they cater to a lot of foreigners they do not add any chilli to it. Bummer.



Fish Taco Wrap Up – Rs.600

Based on a Mexican dish, this tortilla wrap up consisted of fried fish nuggets, lettuce and a side of sour cream and salsa. Without the sour cream and salsa, this dish would’ve been an absolute fail. The salsa gave off a very interesting taste since it consisted of sweetness from the tomatoes, being bathed in freshly squeezed lime and onions which bought a completely different taste to the palette.

Sausage Pasta – Rs.450

This dish was well worth the money! As their best seller, they claim a lot of adults seem to order this dish than the kids and I don’t blame them! Wayne’s junction was quite generous with the amount of sausages incorporated into the pasta, which was heavenly! This pasta tastes so close to home that you can picture eating it as a child. Bathed in sauce, tomatoes, sausages and garlic… need I say more? If you visit Wayne’s Junction, I suggest you try this out!

Sizzle Beef – Rs.550

Also one of their best sellers, the presentation of this dish was quite okay compared to every other dish we received. Containing sizzling beef strips lathered with mustard sauce, lettuce, along with tomato and onions, enclosed in lightly toasted ciabatta bread; this dish did nothing short of justice. However it might be a little too salty for one’s liking, especially since the other dishes didn’t have a significant amount of seasoning.

Swagman’s Burger – Rs.1000

That’s right! Bringing swag on to your dish at Wayne’s junction is none other than their featured Swagman’s Burger with a side of potato wedges! Swagman’s consists of a grilled lamb patty, topped with tomato, lettuce, onions, drizzeled with the signature mint Aioli sauce enclosed in a crusty bun. We were a little bummed about the fact that the burger was smaller than the image in our head of receiving a monster burger, but it tasted great nevertheless. The burger came along with a side of wedges, sour cream and salad to help cancel out all those carbs! The patty was well cooked as it was crunchy on the outside and super moist on the inside. However do make sure you request for add ons since it could be too mediocre for a major food lover.



Decadent Chocolate Cake – Rs.250 (Half slice), Rs.500 (Full slice)

One thing about Wayne’s Junction is how quick their dessert items fly off the counter! Although not on the menu, this chocolate cake is known to many who visit Wayne’s. The cake is super thick and moist, not to mention the icing on the top! What I loved the most was how you could request half a slice for half the price, since we were really stuffed from all the food. The full slice is incredibly massive so beware! If you still have some space left for dessert after a meal at Wayne’s, get this (although it could be a little too heavy)!


Strawberry Pie – Rs.400


This is probably the best strawberry pie around town! Filled with fresh strawberries and strawberry purée, this crunchy concoction was such a delight! The pie however was a little crumbly and soggy to my liking, but it still did taste quite fresh.


Overall, we really liked the concept behind Wayne’s Junction and everything they do to satisfy their customers since it is still a small, developing café. There’s not many dishes that consist of spice (like us local like it), mostly because they cater to those of different palettes.

Let us know how you like Wayne’s Junction in the comments below!


Tip: Don’t miss out on their Buff Chocolate Malt Shake!


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