Tokiwa Cafe

2018 Jul 5

Open Time:

6.30 am – 10 pm


213, Galle Road, Colombo 03


right opposite Methodist College


A culinary experience like no other!

Tokiwa Café is a fairly new little eatery that’s opened up in Kollupitiya and dishes up the kind of fare you can’t find anywhere else in Colombo. Their space is large and airy and can accommodate quite the clientele. They have the usual bagels, croissants, variety of cakes and other bakery fare but they also have crepe cakes, “naughty sandwiches” (do we want to know?) and a selection of unique, quirky Japanese dishes. Here are a few funky sounding things that piqued our interest.


Matcha Frappe – LKR 720

Matcha infused food is hitting the market strong in Sri Lanka and the matcha frappe at Tokiwa sounded like fun. The frappe was a tall glass of green concoction, topped off with a generous serving of whipped cream and more matcha powder on top. It was extremely visually appealing and achieved a great balance in flavours. The matcha (or green tea) flavour was subtle, as it should be, and blended in great with the milky beverage.


Demiglace Omerice – LKR 1160

In between wondering how to pronounce the name of this dish and hoping we won’t regret the YOLO decision we took in ordering it, the dish was described as rice inside a Japanese omelette. It was presented looking tasty as ever and came to the table smelling downright divine. It was basically slightly underdone chicken fried rice, blanketed in a Japanese omelette and drowning in a delicious mushroom sauce. The flavours were not the only thing we loved, the differences in texture through all three layers also made the dish a fun one to have.

Fuwa Fuwa Pancakes – Mixed Fruit – LKR 880

Not only did this dish sound like something adorable right out of an anime, it also came to the table looking like the breakfast of fairies! It was basically Japanese pancakes – which were smaller, sweeter, more dense pancakes – topped off with whipped cream and colourful fresh fruits. All the elements of the dish really worked well together – the freshness of the fruits complimented the density of the pancakes and the fluffy whipped cream went well with the sweetness of the dish. A great breakfast, dessert or frankly anytime option, if you ask me.


Mille-Jeuille Crepe – LKR 480

Tokiwa does a whole bunch of matcha infused cakes and cheesecakes so there’s no lack of desserts to choose from but what piqued our interest the most is the Mille-Jeuille Crepe, or the crepe cake they had on display. We were glad we pushed our very full tummies to try this last dish out ‘cause man was it amazing! The cake came in layers and layers of thin crepes sandwiched with delicious cream and drizzled with honey. The flavours were so delicate and subtle yet so delicious that we’re definitely going back soon for another slice.

The service at Tokiwa is fast, friendly and efficient, with the staff being able to describe each dish on the menu with ease. In our short couple hours there, there were quite a few Japanese guests that seemed to be frequent customers so that in itself could vouch for the brilliance and authenticity of the food. We’re definitely going back soon for more!

Tip: the fuwa fuwa pancakes were our favourite!


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