2019 Oct 22

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Weekdays 10.30 am - 3 pm


19, Chandraleka Mawatha, Colombo 08


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Easy office lunches!

Tiffinbox is yet another delivery service in Colombo that mainly functions through Facebook and Instagram and is an ideal place to get your rice and curry fix from on busy workdays when you just don’t have the time to think of anything else. They offer three different varieties of rice including ghee rice, yellow rice and fried rice with multiple meat options.



With three different rice preparations and veg, egg, chicken, pork, fish, cuttlefish, mutton and prawns options, we were spoilt for choice!


Prawn Ghee Rice – LKR 530

This dish came in a serving of ghee rice, brinjal moju, prawn curry, fried egg and potato salad. The ghee rice was delicious, buttery and rich in flavour and even felt indulgent enough to be eaten on Eid day. We also loved the moju which was a perfect combination of onions, brinjal and chilli. The prawns were pretty large and prepared white curry style with the egg adding an extra element to the dish that kept us full and happy. The only confusion was the potato salad which neither belonged nor tasted great in a rice and curry combination. Maybe they ran out of potato curry or maybe there trying new things out but that salad just wasn’t doing it for us.


Fish Fried Rice – LKR 450

This dish consisted of fried rice, onion sambol, chilli paste, fish curry. For starter, the fried rice was pretty dry and the small piece of curried fish didn’t really pull the dish together. It would have made more sense to have a devilled fish option to pair better with the fried rice but oh well. The fried rice options also lacked in terms of the number of curries making the dish pretty underwhelming.


Pork Fried Rice – LKR 550

Coming in the same combination of fried rice, onion sambol, black pork curry, chilli paste, the rice was pretty dry again with none of the curry helping salvage it. The pork curry again didn’t make much sense and a devilled pork would have worked better, but at least we’d give props to a well done black pork curry with good seasoning and nice fatty pieces contributing to a delicious curry when eaten alone.


Mutton Yellow Rice – LKR 570

This dish was a combination of yellow rice, brinjal moju, fried egg, potato salad and mutton curry. We were yet again confused about the potato salad being there because a potato curry would have been much nicer to balance out the entire combination. That being said, the balance of spices in the mutton curry were perfect with a delicious hint of chili coming through. The yellow rice was also very fragrant and yummy and we were (mostly) impressed by this dish overall.


Vegetable Ghee Rice – LKR 380

This was honestly one of the most impressive vege rice packets we have reviewed to date. This dish was a combination of onion sambol, potato salad, brinjal moju, and tofu stir fry! What Sri Lankan restaurant serves tofu with a simple rice and curry? And an ample serving too. Whilst the other curries were tasty, the tofu stir fry really stole the show – a combination of onions, tomato, capsicum and tofu in a delicious sauce – we recommend!


Chicken Yellow Rice – LKR 430

This dish was a combination of spicy chicken curry, brinjal moju, fried egg and potato salad. The yellow rice was fragrant and flavourful and possibly the best part of the dish. We again missed potato curry but the chicken was a big piece of well-cooked meat so that’s more than you’d be getting from usual shops anyway. Not the most exciting option but a solid one.


The food arrives pretty fast with the easiest way to order it is through your friendly neighbourhood food delivery app but you can call them and place an order for delivery with a varying time according to where your office may be located.

Tip – If you’re a vegetarian, definitely try their vege option or stick to the yellow rice.


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