Restaurant Reviews The Runcible Spoon’s Caribbean Brunch

The Runcible Spoon’s Caribbean Brunch

2019 Nov 28

Open Time:

12 – 4 pm


No.788, Matara Road, Talpe, Galle


Head straight down Matara road from Galle. Turn to your right side down a small lane near a board saying ‘Star Light’


Known for its quirky and chic charm, the Owl and the Pussycat luxury boutique hotel is more than what meets the eye! In addition to its tranquil space full of bright tropical colours set for unwinding – The Runcible Spoon, an open-air restaurant by the seaside, promises an elegant dining experience to all guests for the prices of LKR 7000 for two people.

We were lucky enough to catch a glimpse and be a part of The Runcible Spoon’s Caribbean Brunch, which is set to take place (every Sunday) from the 24th of November to the 15th of December from 12.00 – 4.00 pm and will set you back LKR 3500 per person. Keep reading to find out more details on the scrumptious dishes and exquisite cocktails we tried out!



With a variety of beverages to choose from- we went ahead with 3 cocktails to beat the heat! Keep in mind, only 02 drinks out of the beverage menu are a part of the brunch offer. Any additional orders would have to be paid for separately.


The traditional Margarita paired perfectly well with the rest of the dishes. Compromising of tequila, orange liqueur and lime juice served with salt along the glass rim – this classical cocktail was perfect for a humid Sunday afternoon.

Pina Colada

What better way to celebrate a quick tropical getaway than by indulging in a Pina Colada? This delectable cocktail consisted of rum and pineapple served alongside cubes of ice. While the beverage was definitely refreshing it’s not a cocktail you would necessarily enjoy sipping on in the heat of the outdoors. My own drink ended up being quite watery just a few minutes after it was served, this reduced the overall after taste of the cocktail – which was a tad bit disappointing.


The best way to take in all the Sunday feels! This cocktail (as we all know) traditionally contains white rum, sugar, lime juice, soda water and mint! However, there was something a tad bit different in this drink – in a good way of course! Though I can’t necessarily put my finger on it – it was a definite energy booster! The Mojitos combination of sweetness, citrus and herbaceous mint flavours pleasantly compliments the rum and really hits the spot!



Nachos with sauces

These are nacho regular appetizers (Get it? ‘Not – your’?)

We started off with crispy nachos accompanied with 4 different types of dips: Sour cream, Green mango salsa, Refried beans and Guacamole. This definitely set the tone for the rest of the dishes to come as we thoroughly enjoyed these sauces and low-key wished there were more crispy nachos to munch on! Our favourite dip was the Green mango salsa (you can thank us later).



Quesadillas – Mushroom and Cheese (V)

We started off with a vegetarian dish called a Quesadilla. It’s pretty much a tortilla which is filled primarily with cheese alongside other fillings. This dish consisted of mushrooms and cheese which were somewhat basic and a tad bit dry – even though the filling was full of other spices and vegetables as well. The tortilla gave out a slightly rubbery feel to it – which made it difficult to eat off. In addition to this, I felt as though the restaurant was not being generous enough with the cheese as well (Extra cheese please!), but that being said the Adam Cheese (hard cheese) used in this dish was the right combination – just not a personal favourite!


Huevos rancheros (V)

In all honesty, this is the most perfect vegetarian dish out there! Traditionally, this is a typical breakfast dish served in Mexican farms. Consisting of a tortilla base alongside black and white bean casseroles and finally topped off with a sunny side up egg, this dish was in short – delicious! I just love how the yolk absorbs the whole dish, making it slightly messy yet all the more scrumptious.

This is a must-try for all you veggie fans out there!

Tip: You could even order an extra side of black bean casseroles with it.


Jamaican Hot Chicken Sliders

I personally felt that this didn’t add to the whole Caribbean vibe and was not a massive fan of the dish in general as there was nothing extraordinary about it. Even though the chicken was well seasoned and had a tinge of Jalapenos alongside some good old Mayonnaise – for the price you’re paying, I wouldn’t recommend this dish as one of your choices.


Peri Peri Prawn

Definitely – without a doubt – my favourite dish! Even though it appears to be an extremely simple one, it was heavenly! Placed upon one single toast, are about 7-8 juicy pieces of prawn with peri peri seasoning. But that’s not the best part of the plate, the dish also came with an absolutely brilliant sauce which was out of this world (mind the exaggeration)! You should give this one a go – take my word for it!


Dominican Pork belly & grilled pineapple pintxos

If you’re a pineapple and pork lover – this combo is the perfect dish for you! Even though it comes in two single portions, it is quite filling!

Imagine well-seasoned, juicy, hot and succulent pieces of pork paired with fresh portions of pineapple! I personally loved how both elements really complimented each other. The contrasting flavours really roll off your tongue – and created a pleasantly surprising experience.

Tip: Pair this with a portion of yellow rice for optimum happiness!


Tacos (Fresh Tuna)

Yet another favourite, these fresh tuna tacos came with 4 tortilla bases and were accompanied by a mix of black and white beans, sour cream, Green mango salsa and guacamole! In addition to this, we enjoyed four generous flavorful pieces of crispy tuna! In addition to being quite a colourful, I personally enjoyed the finely assembled dish.



Caribbean sample platter

The dessert wasn’t over the top, and that suited us just fine – it consisted of a few slices of fresh papaya alongside a couple of grapes. In addition to that, we were also given a delicious slice of Caribbean style nut cake (a signature cake created by the chef himself) which paired well with the restaurant’s scrumptious Coconut ice cream.

Yup, we felt all the tropical vibes that afternoon! The dessert was impeccable and finely put together. I loved the delicate nature of the coconut ice cream, pairing it together with freshly made cake was the perfect way to end our Sunday brunch!


Service and Ambience

Based right next to the beach, the open-air restaurant is any traveller’s get-away destination! We loved the quirky space full of vibrant colours. It has a wide variety of seating arrangements with colourful fabrics and furniture (combination of modern and antique) placed both inside and outside the restaurant.

The staff were extremely helpful, very professional and knew the menu inside out! They were also very friendly and offered good recommendations on dishes we should try out!

All in all, be sure to check out The Runcible Spoon in your next get-away down south! It’s got the most exquisite dishes with the best space to unwind and relax!


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