Restaurant Reviews The Oasis Lounge Bar at Ramada Colombo

The Oasis Lounge Bar at Ramada Colombo

2019 Jul 17

Open Time:

11.00 am - 11.00 pm


No. 30, Sir Mohamed Macan, Colombo 03


Towards the land side from the Galle Face roundabout

Contact No

0112 422 001


To unwind or tune-up


If you’ve been looking for the perfect spot to unwind after a long day at work, or been on the look-out for the best bar deals around town, we’ve got great news for you! The Oasis Lounge Bar is a cosy bar serving up a storm of delicious mocktails, boozy cocktails and delectable finger food. You can even sit by the poolside after a tiring day and relax with your favourite drink. Here’s what we had and how our visit unfolded. 





Berry Cooler – LKR 600


As the name guarantees the berry cooler is the ultimate refresher. Made with lime juice, strawberry syrup and a mixed berry compote, sipping this on a hot sunny day felt amazing. Although we wished it to be more sour for a berry-based mocktail, the taste of the cooling thirst-quencher was definitely something to savour. 


Avacado Jaggery – LKR 600


Not too different from a typical avocado juice, the speciality of the mocktail was the fact that it was sweetened with jaggery. It wasn’t overly heavy, the texture of the mocktail itself was light and fluffy, contrary to a thick avocado smoothie.


Shirley Temple – LKR 600

Fizzy and refreshing, the classic mocktail was a treat to the eyes. Made with grenadine, soda and garnished with a cherry it’s ideal for an easy-breezy Sunday. 




Pina Colada – LKR 1200 


The drink of the tropics was served in a tall glass garnished with a pineapple slice and cherry. Made with rum, coconut cream, pineapple juice and ice, this pina colada was one of the best we’ve had. The oomph of the rum was perfect with pineapple mixed coconut cream which wasn’t overly heavy, nor overly runny. 


Vodka Martini – LKR 1200 


Served in a chilled glass, the dry martini was pleasingly strong! The blank slate of the vodka martini was flavoured by the slight saltiness of the olives and topped off with an olive garnish. 


Classic Mojito – LKR 1200


Refreshing, to say the least, the classic mojito was full of spirited flavour. The muddled fresh lime added a tangy zest while the mint and fizz gave the cocktail the extra punch it needed. The cocktail was smooth and is ideal for a hot summer day.


Bar Bites


Cheese Toast – LKR 400


Toasted to perfection keeping the outside crisp and the middle slightly soft, the cheese toast was an absolute winner. Made with a load of cheese, baked mozzarella veiled over the cheese spread that was evenly coated on the bread. 


Hot Butter Cuttlefish – LKR 800

A hearty portion of hot butter cuttlefish was served with bell pepper garnishing making it colourful and pleasing to the eye. However, we felt it lacked flavour. The salt overpowered every other spice used in it. However, unlike most cuttlefish dishes served around, the meat was tender and easy to eat.


Chicken Karaage – LKR 690


There’s good reason for the Chicken Karage to be the fasted moving dish here; it was amazing. The flavourful and crispy outside covers a moist and seasoned meat. The meat falls apart as you bite into it and paired with the sriracha and the hot chilli sauce they serve it with – its a burst of flavour! 


The oasis is one of the only smoking lounge bars in Colombo and has jaw-dropping offers year-round. Special features such as their pool table and big screen as well as the “i-Juke” – jukebox that lets the visitors choose what they want to hear has made the spot a favourite amongst avid bar-goers. Their daily happy hours, as well as live music by Neeka on Fridays and Yenuka & Mariesz on Saturdays, are something to watch out for! That’s not it. They have a wide range of single malts, other imported and local spirits, as well as cocktail pitchers. So you know the Oasis will surely cater to all your boozy needs. 


Tip: try the chicken karaage. 


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