Restaurant Reviews The Last Drop at Kandy City Hotel

The Last Drop at Kandy City Hotel

2018 Aug 17

Open Time:

11 am – 11 pm


37, Yatinuwara Street, Kandy


Contact No

0812 220 002


Kandy City Hotel by Earl’s is a small 3 star hotel, located within the Kandy town. We decided to drop in to “The Last Drop” next door which is also the hotel’s restaurant and pub.

Walking into The Last Drop, we were greeted with trending songs and a very chilled out pub vibe. There was not much interior décor other than faces of Rugby players plastered on the wall, making it the ultimate destination to sit back, relax and have a cold one with your mates during match seasons.


City Hotel Special – LKR 1000

What’s a pub without their signature drinks, eh? Although a little too price-y for a single cocktail, the bartenders at The Last Drop surely know how to work their skills. Consisting of passion fruit, orange, arrack and some good ol’ lion stout foam, we couldn’t help but want more! Not only do the elements blend well but there is no overpowering smell/taste of alcohol, so you can keep sippin’ more!.
The presentation was marvelous; although if you’re a klutz like I am, maybe try not to drop the cute lil umbrella or side of orange!

Kandyan Spice – LKR 500

For half the price of the City Hotel Special, you can treat yourself to an equally delicious cocktail! This cocktail has a blend of mango, pineapple, grenadine syrup and arrack (of course) that will leave your taste buds tingling for more! Weirdly enough the mango flavor was not drowned out by the rest of the ingredients, which I really loved! Definitely worth the price.


Traditional Sri Lankan Rice and Curry – LKR 600

One does not simply go to Kandy without trying out some delish rice and curry! For merely 600 bucks, you can enjoy a generous portion of rice with 7 different curries! We had the pleasure of treating ourselves to some ambarella curry, gotukola sambol, dhal (which was weirdly orange), potato curry, eggplant, soya and some yummy dell.
The dhal curry had an orange hue to it, which we later found out was because of the extra spices the chefs added to it. It was slightly spicy so if you can’t handle your heat, beware.

Mixed Grill Platter – LKR 1,650

For all you meat lovers out there, The Last Drop’s Mixed Grill is to die for! The presentation was well done, where you get 4 different types of meat stacked on top of each other along with a well done bull’s-eye. Along with the meat, there’s also a side of potato wedges with dollops of BBQ sauce. The grilled beef was my personal fave! The meat was so succulent and flavorful although it was a little hard to chew.

Spaghetti Bolognaise – LKR 630

For just 630, you get a plate full of delicious spaghetti drenched in thick bolognaise sauce. The meat was incredibly flavorsome and the portion was simply filling! It’s not the best Spaghetti bolognaise I’ve had but it isn’t bad either.


White and Dark Chocolate Mousse Cake (with assorted fruits) – LKR 400

For dessert, the lovely staff at The Last Drop provided us with a special that was off the menu. It was my first time trying out a mousse cake and boy, was I impressed! Ranging from the presentation, all the way to flavor, this dessert dish had my heart! The only let down was that they had included a mix of raisins and cherries that I wasn’t really fond of. The assorted fruits took away the creamy texture of the cake and overpowered the light chocolate-y taste in the mousse. We did suggest that they take away some of the fruits, but if you like your dessert with fruits then you’d sure love this!

The Last Drop also has two happy hour offers that should not be missed!

3 pm-7 pm: 1 Free Pitcher with every Beer Tower purchased
6.30 pm-7.30 pm: Buy 1 Get 1 Free on Selected Cocktails.

All in all, we loved our experience at The Last Drop. Travelling from one city to another, we weren’t disappointed with the food and the service we received at the Kandy City Hotel.


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