Restaurant Reviews The Irish Bar and Grill

The Irish Bar and Grill

2018 Sep 20

Open Time:

11 am to 2 am


63, Park Street, Colombo 2


Coming down Srimath Anagarika Dharmapala Mawatha from Colpetty, turn left onto Park Street, first lane on the right

Contact No

0112 694 399


A state-of-the-art pub joins the Colombo nightlife scene!

The Irish is an accommodating and roomy space with dim, mood lighting and has the perfect pub setting going on. They have an outdoor area as well which is always a nice option to have. They have photographs of Irish personalities hanging contributing to the tavern atmosphere they aim to create. We were told that they want to gradually host ladies’ nights and they are open till 2 am every day so that’s a definite bonus! We were pleased thus far so we could not wait to see what their menu had to offer! First, on to their bar menu…


The Irish offers an extensive bar menu inclusive of your general liquor, cocktails and mocktails; so there are options for everyone!

Cosmopolitan – LKR 1200

All cocktails were priced at LKR 1200 and we decided to go with the Cosmo, being their most popular cocktail among customers. The vodka was not very evident in the drink so to those who like tasting the alcohol in their cocktails, this might not be the drink for you. However, the ingredients were shaken up well with the flavours of triple sec, cranberry juice and lime juice emanating with every sip. It was quite fruity and was lovely on a warm day.


Kufta Paddy Balls – LKR 750

This dish consisted of balls of minced beef enveloped in mashed potato, cheese and herbs, which are deep fried and then decorated with dollops of chilli pesto. The Irish serves this with a homemade dip as well, which tasted (and looked) like a thicker form of thousand island dressing. It was seasoned well and when dipped into, combined with the chilli pesto which added the spice all us Lankans need, The Kufta Paddy Balls were VERY appetizing, creating an explosion of flavours in my mouth and it was like a mini workout for my stomach before the main courses came in. ABSOLUTE WINNER!


Irish Beef Stew – LKR 1550

Along with this aromatic dish comes a choice of either bread rolls or rice. We went with the bread rolls and I’m glad we did because it was just the right staple to scoop up the remaining stew and trust me, you WILL want to do so! Smelling heavenly as ever, the beef was juicy and tender and very easy to cut into. However, the vegetables were not evenly boiled with most of the veggies being over-boiled so much so that the taste of the carrot had diminished. We are going to overlook this flaw nonetheless because the over boiling worked for the potatoes with its soft texture complimenting the beef. I will definitely go back for this though, because the flaws seemed minute compared to the rest of the dish.

Pizzaria (Pollo) – LKR 1750

Being super excited to see pizza on their menu, we had to try one! The Pollo had a yummy tropical topping with a mix of chicken, chicken ham, bell pepper, pineapple, onion and green chilli, topped with gooey, stringy mozzarella with a sprinkling of parsley. The ingredients were evenly spread and lathered with tomato sauce which thankfully didn’t overpower the taste of the other ingredients. The winner here was the dough! Crispy as ever, made from scratch, The Irish does a mean pizza dough and we loved it!


New York Cheesecake – LKR 650
Starting with the blueberry compote, the coulis was flavoursome, fruity and not too strong. The next layer was rich and had a dense and creamy texture with a hint of orange essence. Absolutely delicious! The downside to this dessert was the super soft final crusty base, which was surprising because this layer is usually hard and has a biscuit-like texture. Overall though, this dish came through and we devoured it.

The Irish excels in terms of tending to their customers’ needs and constantly checking up on them. Their staff were not only friendly but also super attentive and accommodating. Their chef is from New York and his experience was definitely apparent in the presentation of the dishes along with the fusion of flavours in all the dishes. The delicious food combined with the appealing atmosphere made for a great meal! We will definitely go back to The Irish to try more dishes from their vast menu!

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Tip – Try their Kufta Paddy Balls!