The Embazzy

2018 May 11

Open Time:

7 am - 12 midnight


No. 76/1, Flower Road, Colombo 07


right next to the Ministry of Petroleum Resources Development

Contact No



Walking into The Embazzy, we weren’t quite certain if we were walking into a restaurant or a really fancy house. However when we did walk in through those doors, we were blown away!

The place is filled with all sorts of ornaments, really good interior decor and is very spacious. Most noteworthy was the staff; they are very friendly, accommodating and are willing to walk you through any doubts or concerns you may have.


Kiwi Win – LKR 500

It is very difficult to find really good Kiwi fruits here in Sri Lanka, however The Embazzy whips up a really good Kiwi drink! This drink looks as fresh as it tastes, with slices of lime and blended kiwi. If you want to take a break from the incredible heat that has dawned upon us this month, this drink is the way to go! It is tangy, fizzy and has a touch of really good mint, leaving you incredibly refreshed!

Mango Sago Thingy – LKR 400

Yes, this is what the name of the item is! Probably because not even The Embazzy knew which component to focus on, because they all blend incredibly well in this drink. The drink tastes very creamy with a slight hint of mango and has copious amounts of tiny sago.

Antioxidant Blast – LKR 600

This drink is for those who are very health conscious and have an acquired taste for beetroot drinks. It is a blend of beetroot, strawberries, lime and blueberries; however the beetroot overpowers all other components. Not my cup of tea, but it definitely will clear out all toxic substances from your system.

Banana & Honey Milkshake – LKR 450

Usually with Banana shakes, the drink is very thick and gooey and has an overwhelming taste of banana. However with The Embazzy’s banana shake, it’s far less distasteful. This drink is not too thick or heavy on the stomach, has an appropriate content of banana and is deliciously sweet.

White Hot Chocolate – LKR 490This drink is the perfect alternative for coffee on a rainy day. This hot chocolate is super light and less sweet in comparison to milk hot chocolate. It also comes with a cute malt biscuit to cleanse your palette!

Peach Virgin Mojito – LKR 350

This has to be my favorite drink of all time! For Rs.350, this drink comes in a tall glass filled with tangy, minty goodness! It’s aesthetically pleasing to the eyes and the palette! Super light, super fresh and definitely a go-to!


Caesar Salad – LKR 650

One thing about The Embazzy is how generous they are with the quantity in their items. They do not hold back on either the quantity or quality. This dish consisted of diced toast bread, salad leaves, crispy chicken bacon, and lots of cheese. Not a big fan of salads, but I’d definitely go back for some of this delish! Eating healthy has never tasted this good!

Sichuan Peppered Calamari – LKR 520

With a complementary sauce to suit, the peppered calamari was tossed in breadcrumbs and fried to perfection! The texture switched from the crispy layer to a juicier, succulent interior of calamari. The presentation of the dish was excellent and definitely appetizing!

Loaded Fries – LKR 800

Drop everything and get yourself a whopping portion of delicious fries! This dish has to be the best appetizer The Embazzy has, because of the enormous quantity and the different flavors and textures that come with it. This dish is “loaded” with chicken bacon, tomatoes, diced onions, fried shallots and a generous amount of cheese. Not only does this dish look good, but it tastes heavenly. Great for sharing with your friends!


Aussie Parma – LKR 1350

This dish came with a side of coleslaw and French fries. The Aussie Parma is very filling and consists of 4 different layers; a spicy beef patty, chicken bacon, eggs, and a generous topping of cheese. It’s no surprise that the Aussie Parma is considered an Australian pub favorite, so how about you grab some already?

Smoked Salmon Pasta – LKR 1470

 Smoked salmon and pasta? I was doubtful at first, but one big bite into this dish and I was in LOVE! The Embazzy does not slack on presentation and this dish was no exception. The smoked salmon was extremely fresh and tasted smoke-y. The entire dish was very filling and tasted creamy, cheesy, with the right amount of seasoning.


Seafood Puttanesca – LKR 1350

Boy oh boy, was this a sight! This dish came to the table smelling delectable and we couldn’t wait to dig in! The presentation was amazing and the dish consisted of a mix of fresh seafood in a rich tomato and olive base sauce. The seafood in this item ranged from fresh prawns, to cuttlefish and clams. Well worth the buck!

Bunny Chow – LKR 1350
The Bunny Chow is a South African fast food dish that consists of some delicious mutton curry poured over slices of roast bread. The way the bread was placed made this dish look like food Jenga with a whole lot of noms. Topped off with delicious, juicy mutton, tomato and potato, the Bunny Chow is extremely delicious and filling.


Waffles – LKR 350

Needless to say, we were extremely stuffed after the mains…but who can say no to dessert?! Waffles at The Embazzy is a whole other segment where you can design your own dish with the large variety of add on-s they have, both sweet and savory.

We decided to go with a simple yet tasty combo of waffles with strawberries (LKR.150), fresh cream (LKR 100) and Nutella (LKR 200). Although I feel like the add on=s make the dish even pricier, I’d say it was worth it to some extent.

Everything about this dish was extremely fresh. The plate consisted of warm waffle sandwiched with a generous filling of Nutella, topped off with a generous amount of fresh cream and strawberries. This made us wish we had left more space for dessert.

With so many flavors and textures blending in your mouth, you can’t help but go in for the next bite!

All in all, the Embazzy is an absolute all-rounder. Apart from their indoor dining, they have an outdoor space and a second floor for all your friends to chill at, with a PS4 and an Xbox One S for free! A little bird told us that they’re also planning on opening a rooftop bar, so fingers crossed!

This restaurant is the ultimate place to visit whether you’re with your friends, your family, if you want an ideal spot for a first date or even as a lone wolf.

Tip: Try everything! Except maybe the antioxidant blast, unless you’re into that kind of drink.