Restaurant Reviews The Daily Staple

The Daily Staple

2019 Oct 17

Open Time:

9 AM - 10 PM


42 Dutugemunu St, Dehiwala-Mount Lavinia


In the same building as High Octane Fitness

Contact No

071 212 3333


Feasting in casual serenity!

The Daily Staple is the newest addition to the Colombo food scene and as a part of High Octane Fitness, the restaurant comes with an impressive pedigree of health and quality. With a focus on catering both to the health nut and the passionate foodie, TDS offers up a wide range of keto options on top of their regular menu.

Walking into the Daily Staple we were greeted with a spacious expanse that was both fancy and comforting. I would dare to say it was one of the best in terms of ambience and would be perfect for a lunch date.



TDS Cooler – LKR 550

This came highly recommended by our server and boy are we glad that he did so! The combination of pineapple, cucumber and celery worked together perfectly that the drink itself was true to its name, being extremely refreshing. It was basically a salad in a glass but one of those amazing salads.


Mango Smoothie – LKR 450

This thick and luscious drink was truly perfect as a smoothie. Although its flavour profile was simple (it was just mango), the mango was fresh and perfectly ripe. I’m big on texture and I love a smoothie that’s thick enough to actually feel like a smoothie without being a mouth workout and this was just that!


Café Mocha – LKR 450

A nice cup of coffee can sometimes be the perfect end to a good meal and the Café Mocha hit all the right spots. It was perfectly creamy with the flavour balance of coffee and chocolate being perfect. Sipping a cup of this while overlooking the passing traffic would make for one awesome evening.



Platter for Two – LKR 1475

As far as starters go this was massive! The coconut coated prawns were my favourite part of it and the Tartar Sauce was the perfect accompaniment to it. The chicken skewers and the glazed chicken were quite good on their own but the Satay Sauce (which was LOVED!) took it to a whole new level.


Seafood Laksa – LKR 650

THIS WAS GLORIOUS! My favourite dish out of everything, the coconut cream base with the prawns was both complex in flavour and comforting at the same time. The soup was a flavour explosion and I savoured every single spoonful. Like most items on the menu, this was hearty as a soup could get.




Grilled Chicken Breast – LKR 650

One of the most popular dishes among the health-conscious individuals who frequent TDS this dish is what most health food aspires to be! The succulent chicken breast was accompanied by steamed veggies and creamy spinach and they were all cooked to perfection. The chicken breast wasn’t too dry, the veggies were steamed just enough to take away the raw edge and the spinach pulled out an emotional reaction from me.


Zucchini Sliders – LKR 950

Straight off their keto menu, the Zucchini Sliders were not the easiest to eat but it was satisfying enough that I did not miss the bread (like certain famous people I LOVE BREAD). The patty was huge and flavourful and the condiments pulled everything together making it for one amazing flavour trip.


Avo on Toast – LKR 900

They have an all-day brunch! And this dish was everything I want on avocado toast. The handsome portion of two eggs, salmon and sourdough bread (less than 10% carbs so it’s technically a keto meal) made for a hearty meal. Although not my favourite dish (personal preference), the eggs were cooked to perfection, the salmon added a depth of flavour and even though the avocado was not the star of the dish it supported and accompanied all other components well.


Wok Fried Rice – LKR 700

A good fried rice is a staple for any restaurant so we had to give it a try and it was everything I wanted. The fried rice came in a rather big bowl and it was quite literally covered with prawns and cuttlefish. The base was an egg fried rice where the rice was actually fried which helped for a more interesting mouthfeel and the flavour was on point. The accompanying soy sauce and chilli paste also helped take things up a notch.



Fruit Pavlova – LKR 650

TDS doesn’t have the most extensive dessert menu (they are more prone to health food after all) but the fruit pavlova made for a perfect dessert. The meringue itself was not too sweet and it was the perfect combination of crumbly and gooey. The fresh fruit topping added an extra level of freshness and flavour.


The Daily Staple is one of those places that provide a near-perfect dining experience and their philosophy of catering both to the health-conscious individual and the ardent foodie makes them one of my favourite places in Colombo!

Have you been to The Daily Staple yet?

Tip – They have keto variations on a majority of their dishes and they have their own meal prep service.