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The Central Perk

2019 Jul 9

Open Time:

2pm – 11pm


9/6 A, 16th Lane, Marine Drive, Colpetty


Adjoining Arcadia

Contact No



Joey would NOT share the food here!


As a crazy F.R.I.E.N.D.S fan, my heart literally skipped a beat as we walked in through Monica’s iconic purple door. The locally owned Bistro and Shisha bar opened its doors on the 4th of July and is a tribute to the 90’s show F.R.I.E.N.D.S, and to the 90’s era in general.


Located on Marine drive, it has a stunning view of the sea and it’s absolutely picturesque to watch the sunset from the rooftop with the occasional trains passing by. It has 3 floors, with the first floor being a non-smoking lounge whilst the second floor is a smoking lounge. It also has a shisha bar on its rooftop that opens after 5:00 pm.

We also found out that the decoration and setup for the interior were ideas that the 4 owners, who were friends themselves, came up with on their own – and it’s definitely far from your average café in terms of this!


With orders to be placed on the ground floor, the service was very efficient although the place was abuzz with many customers.




Central Mint Fusion (Cold) – LKR 790

We absolutely loved this fast seller, as it has mastered the perfect balance between not being too sweet and too minty. It was very refreshing and tasted as if it had a chocolate layer coated with a layer of mint for the aftertaste. The chocolate was akin to the kind one would taste in a cup of hot chocolate.

This drink is an absolute must try, even for those who don’t have an affinity towards anything sweet – it’s superbly balanced!


Rose Latte (Regular) – LKR 690

This foamy warm drink has one of the most unique tastes! It’s made with rose water that you would commonly find in drinks such as Faluda, and is blended in with the taste of coffee that is not too strong but just enough to taste. Even a person who doesn’t usually opt for coffee wouldn’t be disappointed with this drink.

Cappucino (Hot – Double shot) – LKR 600

This cup of coffee lived up to our expectations of a strong coffee base that could be made milder if you wish to add sugar. It was blended well with the right amount of milk and coffee, with neither taste being too dominant.


Banana Ice Fusion – LKR 690

Definitely would recommend trying this one out – especially if you are a banana lover like me! We loved it due to the perfect balance of the taste of banana as it was not too overwhelming and it’s an ideal drink to unwind to and relax.




How you Doin? – LKR 1200

This dish is The Central Perk’s Signature Fried Chicken dish. The chicken was boneless, very tender and soft. However, we did feel that it lacked in its crispiness and flavour as we expected it to have more of an element of spice. The dish is complemented with a special sauce, that we loved – and that somewhat compensated for the lack of flavour in the chicken.


Unagi – LKR 1100

This is a Sri Lankan style batter-fried calamari, and it absolutely blew our minds away! It was extremely yummy with the right kind of texture (chewy but not too much), crunch and the spice truly lived up to our expectations. Joey would not have been able to keep his hands off of this one!

It is complemented by the same sauces provided with the chicken and was a wonderful combination.


Joey Doesn’t Share food – LKR 800

This dish is basically a chicken shawarma with fries, and to be perfectly honest we were quite disappointed given the high standard set by the earlier drinks and food. The chicken had a tandoori taste to it but was too bland and chewy and we really found nothing special about it. Although the tandoori flavour stood up, we feel like maybe it needed to be a lot more moist either with sauce or curry to set off the dryness of the chicken.

The fries however were crisped to perfection and tasted quite good.


 Moo Point – LKR 800

A classic beef burger that we found very tasty. The meat was tender and soft, although we did feel that the portion was size was a bit small for the price.

The mayo and cheese combo really stuck out and added to the flavour – making it moist and juicy.

This dish was also accompanied by the portion of French fries.


 Je-Depli-Mblue – LKR1100

A chicken Cordon Bleu, which is basically chicken wrapped around cheese. It was accompanied with gravy and mash potato and was quite filling.


The chicken was chewy and crumb fried – although we did feel that there could’ve been a bit more cheese added to it. Overall however, it was a dish that was just a bit dry, and the meat could’ve been more tender because it was quite difficult to slice through – but it had a nice flavour to it.


The rest of the menu although selective had us intrigued as well, with its variety of coffee and food items – It’s definitely a place that we will be visiting again! Another couple of cool facts is that they do not charge service charge or taxes and the music played is all 90s hits ranging from Celine Dion to the Goo Goo Dolls!


It’s a place in which you could hang out and have a good time with both family and friends.

Have you been to The Central Perk yet? Let us know in the comments.


Tip – Try watch the sunset from the rooftop – it’s a view definitely worth seeing and sipping coffee over!


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