Restaurant Reviews Thai Cuisine Boulevard

Thai Cuisine Boulevard

2018 Jan 11

Open Time:

11.45 a.m. - 2.15 p.m. | 6.45 p.m. - 10.15 p.m.


33, Queens Road, Colombo 03


Right next to Bubblement and opposite Divine, down Queens Road


One of the best Thai restaurants in Colombo!

Thai Cuisine Boulevard has actually been in operation for quite some time now and is a favorite lunch spot for the office crowd. It’s a Thai restaurant operated by Tasty Caterers and is one of the few Thai establishments in the city. Our lunch experience went extremely well; the food, the staff and the ambiance was great!

The aesthetic of Thai Cuisine has always been very interesting to me. They’ve paired a teal and grey interior with a touch of antique gold. The art and the accessories are beautiful and I’ve always had so much appreciation for the culture and the story that these pieces try to narrate.


Black Velvet – LKR 500

I am a huge fan of tamarind and was quite eager to try this mocktail out. This drink is a mix of fresh tamarind juice and lime to soda. This Black Velvet, I was not a fan of. The lime was in excess and the mix of the two contrasting flavors of the lime and the tamarind did not work well together. This drink was one that was almost difficult to sip because it was too bitter and sweet simultaneously.

Caribbean Cooler – LKR 550

On the other hand, the Caribbean Cooler was the perfect drink to sip on a sunny afternoon in Colombo. It’s a tropical juice and is a mix of orange, pineapple, strawberry and banana. This drink was refreshing and gives you the perfect taste of the tropics.


Tung Thing Gai – LKR 900

Our first appetizers were minced crispy chicken dumplings served with sweet chili sauce. These crispy dumplings, albeit extremely oily, were yum. This is your everyday dumpling dish sans soy sauce. What was not so ‘everyday’ about this dish was the filling inside the dumpling. It leaves you licking your fingers, wanting more. The chicken in the filling is soft, tender and the filling overall, full of flavor.

Gai Satay – LKR 950

I have always been a fan of satays but not a fan of the peanut sauce that accompanies it. That’s because it’s so easy to get the consistency of the peanut sauce wrong, and most people often do. This Thai style chicken satay with spicy peanut sauce was delicious. The chicken strip was tender and the sauce was the right consistency. Needless to say, we were extremely satisfied.


Gai Pha-Med Manuang Himmaparn – LKR 1500

The Gai-Pha is a wok fried chicken with cashew nuts and dry chili in red sauce. This is one good wok fried chicken dish that I will keep coming back for. The chicken nuggets are tender and the batter is fried lightly till golden brown. The cashew nuts, dry red chilies, and spring onions are topped onto the chicken pieces that rest on a delicious thick red sauce.

Plakeo Nueng Manow – LKR 1999

The next dish we had was the Plakeo which was a Thai style steamed Garupa with lemon chili sauce. We scored this fish a 9/10 for texture and flavor. The fish was insanely soft and was cooked well. The texture of the outer layer was incredible, and taste-wise this Garupa was super yummy. The lemon chili sauce was one of its kind and paired so well with the whole fish.

Phad Phak Choi – LKR 700

As a phak choi enthusiast, I found this phak choi super yummy (as phakchoi usually is, this is my biased opinion) but quite mediocre. The Thai garlic sauce the phak choi rested on was quite complimentary too.

Khao Pnad Nam Prick Pao – LKR 1000

The Khao Pnad Nam Prick Pao is a traditionally mixed fried rice. This rice was one of the best I’ve tried so far. The meat items were fried to the right consistency, the rice was packed with flavor, and our curries worked perfectly with the rice. This is also quite a big portion of rice, enough for at least 3 people.

Phad Thai – LKR 1200

Hands down, my favorite Phad Thai in Colombo. This one mimics a classic Phad Thai with peanut and chili. This is one we totally recommend and think you should absolutely have.

Have you been to the Thai Cuisine Boulevard yet? Let us know what you think of it in the comments below! Is there anything we’ve missed?

Tip: Have their Phad Thai and the Steamed Garupa, they execute these two to perfection.



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