Restaurant Reviews Taphouse by RnR

Taphouse by RnR

2017 Feb 4

Open Time:

5.00 p.m. – 11.00 p.m.


Dutch Hospital Shopping Precinct Hospital Street, Colombo


Dutch Hospital

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Everybody’s comfort zone

If you don’t randomly walk into Taphouse with your friends for a casual drink, despite it being a work day night, I question you and your choice of friends. Taphouse is everybody’s go-to. Even on a typical Monday night, you’ll find groups of co-workers or friends sharing a good laugh over a tower of beer. This is everything Taphouse is about. A great place to come and spend some quality time, with the ones that matter. On Friday and Saturday nights, the place is packed to the brim! All in all, it’s a great place with good food, amazing music and of course, alcohol. They’ve got live bands playing Wednesday through Saturday. Slipping Chairs puts on their show on Friday nights, and believe me, this makes your Friday night all the more better.


Fuzznuts – Rs.1000

We had bitter-sweet thoughts about Fuzznuts. It had a great peach taste to it, and a good balance of alcohol. It’s a light cocktail and they go smooth on the alcohol. The peach taste and the alcohol deriving from its main ingredients; peach schnapps and Frangelico. The many ice cubes started to melt a little too soon, and the cocktail ended up tasting watery. Can’t blame RnR for this. #tropicalcountryprobs



Woo Woo – Rs.795

Woo Woo did woo us. A great cocktail with subtle hints of cranberry and peach and a-little-bit-greater-than-subtle hints of vodka. Loved the vodka with both cranberry and peach schnapps. A definite recommend!



B51 – Rs. 650

B-51, a shot for the chocolate lovers. A caramelly, chocolately flavor rounded up with the taste of strong spirit and bundled in to a shot glass. It’s ingredients; kahulua, baileys and Frangelico really work the magic 4.5 seconds after you’ve drowned the shot (you know what I mean).



Hazelnut Martini – Rs.1000 

As sleek a Hazelnut Martini sounds, you can be assured that this isn’t an item on the tipsy bartenders menu. It’s a great cocktail to perhaps start your night with, with a perfect balance of Vodka that allows the taste of hazelnut and lime to cut through.



Creamy Crunch- Rs.1100

We loved the Creamy Crunch so so much! It’s rare that you find food/drinks that takes you on a ride. It first hits you with the taste of caramel, then it moves onto the taste of strong spirits and ends on an almond note. Told you it was a ride! You absolutely need to have this one. The base of the amusing drink lies on Crème de Cooc and Frangelico.  



Kalu Pol Sausage – Rs.600

The boys absolutely loved the Kalu Pol Sausage. The meat was soft and tender on the outside, but gave the assurance that it was well cooked with the rough edged outer skin. The portion was enough for two. I think it was the meat that was loaded with traditional kalu pol curry spices (if you are a Sri Lankan and don’t know what a Kalu Pol Curry is, go right now and ask yo’ mama to make one for you). It was accompanied some mushy mash potato and an onion gravy that tasted as good as it looked.



Pol Roti Kottu – Rs.400

Who thought Pol Roti Kottu can be such a hit! According to the waiter, it’s one of their exclusives and one of their fast moving dishes. When the kottu was brought to our table, we were flabbergasted by how extremely spicy it looked. The fact that Lankan pol roti was used instead of parata really didn’t make much of a difference. I primarily assumed that the roti shreds would actually be much harder and more of a hassle to eat than tender parata roti – but this wasn’t the case. The portion is enough for 2, looked red and super spicy and it was. That’s because they’ve mixed a great home-made chicken curry into the kottu.



Chili Butter Calamari – Rs.675

Taphouse’s Hot Butter Cuttlefish gives you a run for your money, every single time. This time around though, it was a slight let down. We’ve tried their Hot Butter Cuttlefish a gazillion of times and have had no complains at all, but the one we has this time was a little fishy (pun intended). The only thing that let us down was the fact that the calamari tasted fishy- like the pili raha you find when fish aren’t washed and marinated with enough lime. The coating remains super crispy, the spice was en point and the meat usually is too, but sadly, not this time around.


Have you tried The Taphouse by RnR yet? Let us know what you think of it in the comments below! Is there anything we’ve missed?


Tip: Try the Creamy Crunch – it’s not a strong cocktail, but it’s worth every sip.