Restaurant Reviews Taco Bell (Marine Drive)

Taco Bell (Marine Drive)

2018 Oct 2

Open Time:


No 34, Marine Drive (8th Lane), Colombo 5


Monday to Sunday – 11.00 a.m. – 11.00 p.m.

Contact No

0112 738 738


Something to Taco’bout down Marine Drive!

Taco Bell opened up their latest branch down Marine Drive a few weeks ago, and unlike their first branch, the queues and waiting time here isn’t as fatiguing. Tex-Mex is new to Sri Lanka and since we only have a handful of Mexican restaurants around, Taco Bell is a good and convenient option.
They’ve also started a new delivery service and deliver around central Colombo, call them up on 0112 738 738 and find out if they deliver to your address too!


Passion Fruit Mojito – LKR 280

The Passion Fruit Mojito was the one I preferred the most out of the 3 mojito options. Not too overpowering in flavour and well worth your money for LKR 280.

Strawberry Mojito – LKR 280

The Strawberry Mojito was what I preferred least from the lot, since it tasted rather concentrated and much like a strawberry toothpaste you’d use when you’re a kid.

Lime Mojito – LKR 280

Refreshing, chill and a great pick-me-up. This was the second best out of the 3 mojitos for me.


Shareable Assorted Platter – LKR 1250
I would totally recommend this shareable platter as a great appetizer option for 2-3 people. The reason why I love their shareable platters so much is because you can actually try out quite a few options from their menu at the same time, without having to spend individually on each item. There’s two options from the assorted platter for you try, there’s one for LKR 1250 (this is what I tried) with Fajita Chicken Quesadilla, Crispy Chicken and Cheesy Nachos. The second option is LKR 1100 with Cheesy Quesadilla, Cheesy Nachos and Mexican Fries.


Let me break the tacology down for you. Their main options are tacos, nachos, burritos, chalupas, and quesadillas. You can either opt for just the item, for example only the taco (the a-la-carte option) or opt for a meal, in this case you’d get a taco, fries/nachos with salsa and a drink.

Crispy Chicken Crunchy Taco – LKR 350
Whenever I think Taco Bell, I think Crispy Chicken Taco. The Crispy Chicken filling is by far my all time favourite, and it did not disappoint.

Cheese and Onion with Green Chilli Quesadilla – LKR 580
Their quesadillas are so cheesy! I’ve got to say, Taco Bell does not fight back the cheese and topped with some green chili, this quesadilla was delicious and a great option if you’re looking for vegetarian options.

Mexican Chicken Quesadilla – LKR 580
The Mexican Chicken Quesadilla was strikingly different. Much bolder, spicier, and with refined flavours. If you’re looking for spice in your taco, then I’d suggest you opt for the Mexican Chicken Quesadilla.

Crispy Chicken Bell Rice Bowl – LKR 550
As a rice-loving Sri Lankan, I’m always so curious to find out how the rice option in any menu tastes. I was actually pleasantly surprised with this one. I opted for the Crispy Chicken option (you can obviously see how obsessed I am with their crispy chicken) and the rice was accompanied by a yummy sambal and topped with melted cheddar too!


Chocodilla – LKR 220
The Chocodilla was the most disappointing, although I should have expected this at Rs.220. The chocodilla was small and I can guarantee that the filing inside did not taste like Nutella.

Chocolate and Caramel Tostadas and Vanilla Ice Cream – LKR 350
I’ve never been a fan of tostadas, just because I couldn’t picture something so similar to nachos being consumed as a dessert. However, I must say, these tostadas are GOOD. The caramel and chocolate toppings really are something and when paired with a good dollop of vanilla ice-cream, the star dessert to end your Mexican food trip.

Have you been to Taco Bell down Marine Drive yet? Let us know what you think of it in the comments below! Is there anything we’ve missed?


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