Restaurant Reviews Sushi Kai – Reviewed

Sushi Kai – Reviewed

2016 Sep 29

Open Time:

11 am –10:30 pm


143 A, Jawatta Road, Havelock Town, Colombo 05


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by Yasonil Piyatissa


Right at the bend on Jawatta road lays the popular Sushi Kai eatery that cozily takes the appearance of a shack radiating a feel of happy vibes. Subsequently, after dropping in at the restaurant we realized that it was indeed nothing but a good time with great food and here’s why:

  • Ambience 


Sushi Kai offers the best of both worlds. If you want to enjoy a relaxed meal complete with unrefined wooden outdoor tables or a comfortably dingy interior with massive glass windows overlooking the busy street, simply walk down the teeny tiny path towards the main entrance. But if you want a more elegant experience then the separate area, which is less than 10 meters away, is ideal for you. Here, the interior is furnished with modern dining materials complete with a tasteful mix of sophisticated lighting and decor. Both areas are so contrasting that if you feel that the main area is too congested and cramped for you then you can easily make yourself at home in the more spaced out section. The only problem I had with the place itself was the extremely small washroom with terribly dim lighting. Nonetheless, I loved the atmosphere and how low key and relaxed it was. It is the perfect place to have a simple lunch date with good conversation.

  • Food

With an impressive menu bursting with many dishes that can be considered to be the best in Colombo, Sushi Kai can guarantee you a Japanese meal that will suit any mood.My most favorite dish is the mouth-watering Crispy Redmaki roll: the salmon and cucumber together brings a delicious softness to the maki roll while the Shichimi chili sauce gives it that extra zing resulting in a firework of flavors in your mouth.



Even the Rainbow Roll was as equally flavorsome but with a much creamier taste to it due to the addition of avocado and kewpie. The dish looked so elegant and colorful that at one point I didn’t want to ruin it by even taking a piece away to taste.


The Mixed Tempura portion was massive and so worth the price! It was crisp and yummy and everything I hoped for in an authentic tempura dish.


The Tuna Tartar made with layers of tuna, salmon and avocado topped with an egg yolk and spring onion was not only a sight to look at but also tasted absolutely amazing. The layers created a natural succulence that was refreshingly delightful.


However, the Chicken Teriyaki was not that mind blowing.  The meat was too tough to swallow and the portion was tiny making the dish way too overpriced.


Finally, as a beverage I would recommend a warm cup of Japanese Green Tea as a revitalizing touch to what would undoubtedly be an extremely heavy meal.

  • Service



The staff was quite obliging and friendly and really made you feel welcome. The serving of the food was quick and efficient so we didn’t have to wait for long at all. However, for the customers dining upstairs there’s a bell that should be rung for extra assistance and we had to wait quite long time until the service staff finally responded to each ring. Parking is also an issue as the allocated space is small and hidden away from the main road that you can’t even see it when hunting down a parking spot, thus it would be preferred if it had been displayed more prominently.

  • All in All

The food is incredible and the price for each dish ranges from a comparatively reasonable Rs. 400 – Rs. 750. Simply choose your dishes carefully and go for the more popular ones in order to have a meal with no complaints. I love the atmosphere and how peaceful and chill it is. Definitely worth checking it out.


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