Restaurant Reviews The Sugar Shack and Tosakanth’s Roast Paan

The Sugar Shack and Tosakanth’s Roast Paan

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2017 Dec 5

Open Time:

11am - 7pm


20, de Fonseka Road Colombo 05, Sri Lanka


Sugar and spice and all things nice

Sugar Shack is the latest new eatery taking central Colombo by storm and let me begin with this – it’s an experience like no other. Run by a sister duo, the premises of no. 20, de Fonseka Road, Colombo 5 is split down the middle with an interesting ambiance. On one side, you have Sugar Shack full of fresh flowers, pink décor and everything sweet, while on the other side, you have Tosakanth’s Roast Paan decked down with rustic knick-knacks, lots of moustaches and spicy roast paan toasties to tickle your tongue. Both outlets are fun and quirky and are a refreshing respite from the Colombo roads.

The Roast Paan

Tosakanth has been around for a while, frequenting Good Market and hosting pop-up sales so it’s great to see them finally set up shop in a more permanent location. Toasties are a snack or lunch option that have been frequenting the dining scene of Colombo more often now  with outlets like Panino’s. But Tosakanth manages to put her own unique spin on this dish. Decked down with lots of blue, the little outlet serves interesting hot teas and their famous roast paan toasties. The sandwiches are served with a lemongrass tea palette cleanser in the cutest little bulb jar and make for great Instagram-ing.

Seeni Sambol and Egg – Rs. 200

The Seeni Sambol and Egg Roast Paan sandwich was spicy, delightfully local and came with some interesting textures. It was a local staple with a twist – slices of boiled savory egg that gave the sandwich a bite.This option really hits the spot when you want something spicy, especially when you over-order on cakes like we did.

Cajun Chicken and Cranberry Sauce – Rs. 300


An interesting combination of flavors for a roast paan sandwich, the Cajun Chicken and Cranberry sandwich really managed to steal all our hearts.It was stuffed with amazingly seasoned oodles of savoury minced chicken laid on a light layer of cranberry sauce. I expected a more jam-like texture from the sauce so I was skeptical, but ended up being pleasantly surprised because the sauce ended up delivering a slight tang but overpowering at all, and really pulled the whole thing together.


Hailing from a 4-generation family of bakers, it’s no surprise that Sugar Shack does baked goods right. We were honestly so spoiled for choice and couldn’t decide what to taste, so we ended up ordering and eating way too much, but let me tell you, no regrets! They have most of their options in both a large slice and a cupcake but I was told that the whole cakes tasted that much better.

Chocolate Fudge Slice – Rs. 500


Let me begin by saying their slices of cake are large enough for two sweet-toothed people to share and still have some left over, which is quite worth it for the price. The chocolate fudge was the perfect moist slice of cake from my dreams. It was creamy, gooey, smooth, fluffy and downright delicious and even though I don’t even have a sweet tooth, I ended up eating quite a bit of this. It was just a very big slice of chocolate cake, sandwiched with chocolate fudge and topped off with the most blemish-free chocolate ganache you could think of. Perfect.

Strawberry and Cream Cheese – Rs. 450


Ideal for those of you that prefer fruity things to chocolate, the Strawberry and cream cheese was a large slice of moist cake sandwiched with fresh strawberries and cream, topped off with delicious cream cheese. It wasn’t too sweet and tasted a lot fresher than the chocolate fudge, so if you’re looking for a lighter dessert, go for one of their fruit cakes.

Raspberry and cream cheese cupcake – Rs. 250


A scaled down and more individual portion when compared to the slices of cake at Sugar Shack, the Raspberry cupcake had puddles of fruit in the batter itself and was topped off with the tastiest cream cheese ever. I was glad to see the pieces of fresh raspberry in my cupcake and really did enjoy this as well.

The service at Sugar Shack and Tosakanth’s was great. The staff behind the counter at both outlets were friendly and made great recommendations. The food arrives at your table within 5 minutes of the order and they constantly check up on you during your visit. We were told Sugar Shack plans on expanding their menu to coffees and that Tosakanth would serve cold teas in the near future too so we can’t wait to try those out too. We loved both outlets with their fun attitudes and great food and will definitely be frequenting this place more often than would be healthy for our diets.

Tip: try the Cajun Chicken and Cranberry Roast Paan and any of the Cream Cheese Cakes!