Restaurant Reviews Street Foods by Punjab Grill

Street Foods by Punjab Grill

2018 Jan 12

Open Time:

11.00 am- 11.00 pm


382, Galle Road, Wellawatte


First floor of GSH Hotel, Wellawatte


Indian Street Food: Fine Dining Style!

Street Foods by Punjab is a well known and reputed restaurant franchise in India, recently putting down roots in Lanka. Located at the GSH Hotel in Wellawatte, this restaurant is one you don’t want to miss, especially if you are a fan of some good old Indian food.

As soon as the elevator doors open on the first floor, you are greeted by a gigantic and colourful mural of a funky Punjabi man, and this isn’t where the graffiti ends! They’ve also got some caricatures drawn on a wall inside the restaurant.

We were also lucky enough to drop by on the same day the Executive Chef of the restaurant chain happened to be in town, so obviously we sat down to engage in a quick conversation with him. He told us that Street Foods by Punjab Grill aims to serve delectable street food in a gourmet, fine dining manner as well as to allow people to experience the same feeling they do when downing authentic street food, yet in a hygienic way. He also recommended their biryani and the kebabs, which are cooked in clay ovens and not the usual oven, hence giving it a unique, authentic flavour.

You have quite a range to choose from in their well-curated menu, and they even serve some classic Sri Lankan street food in case you happen to be craving any.


Sweet Lassi- Rs. 325

One drink that I always love to try when I am at an Indian restaurant is the much loved classical Lassi. This one tasted quite nice and refreshing. It had a great consistency as it wasn’t too thick and it wasn’t sickeningly sweet either.


Stuffed Gol Guppa- Rs. 225

These are crunchy wheat puffs filled with potato, peas, sweet curd and tamarind chutney. This combo may sound a bit weird to the average Sri Lankan taste palette, but don’t let that fool you! It tasted absolutely amazing. This was also another dish that they insisted we try and I’m glad I had it! It was the perfect Indian Chaat. Every ingredient blended well together, with the sweetness being the main player here. Don’t let it sit for too long though, because the curd will make the outer puff layer soggy.

Mumbaiya Bhel- Rs. 225

Mumbaiya Bhel is a dish where puffed rice is mixed with chopped tomato, onions and spices. The menu mentioned it to be a unique favourite of Western India. At a first glance, you would think they used rice crispies here because that’s what the puffed rice resembled. It carried a very fresh and spicy flavour and tasted a lot like the Sri Lankan lunumiris. The rice was something new to me, but it did work quite well.


Naanwich- Rs. 525

This item definitely caught my eye because it isn’t a delicacy that is found anywhere else. It had the options of Kathi Roll Chicken or Paneer used as the filling, and we opted for the chicken. Keeping up with the expectations I had, the Naanwich tasted amazing. Using Naan as a wrap is quite a different concept (and is something I would try out at home with any leftovers).The filling used in the wrap, which was tandoor chicken tikkas shredded with veggies, was really nice as it had a lot of flavour going on and they were not stingy with it either. I’d definitely recommend this!

Murgh Ke Soole- Rs. 950

The Murgh Ke Soole was a fiery chicken kebab with ground chilli, cinnamon and cashew nuts. It wasn’t exactly super spicy, but this tikka did taste really nice and we had no complains whatsoever.

Mahi Tikka- Rs. 950

This was carom seed flavoured fish chunks marinated with spices and yoghurt. Being the first time that I tried out fish tikka, I was a bit sceptical about it as I was unsure how it would taste, but I loved it! Seafood fans should definitely give this a try. It had a nice, tangy flavour to it, just like the typical tikka and the fish they used was soft. Moreover, the meat had been marinated well, so you can enjoy the amazing flavour with each bite.

Kadhai Paneer- Rs. 695

I had to try out a Paneer dish, so we opted for this curry. This was a combination of Paneer, capsicum, tomato, onion and traditional Indian spices. Rather than being a gravy-based curry, the Kadhai Paneer was loaded with shredded onions. They carried a slightly sweet flavour, so I’m guessing they were caramelized a bit. Along with this, the curry also had a balance of spice and the Paneer tasted delicious.

Butter Chicken- Rs. 695

Butter Chicken is a classic Indian curry and is a favourite dish for many. The menu described the curry to have clay oven roasted chicken cooked in fenugreek flavoured rich tomato gravy. With the presence of tomato, came the pleasantly acidic flavour in the curry. The chicken was cooked well, too. Overall, a great curry.

(PS- I found that a bit of the curry mixed with the biryani tasted really nice!)

Mutton Biryani- Rs. 995

I was told that all the biryanis they serve are Hyderabadi biryanis. They had included quite a few pieces of mutton; it was seasoned well and the meat itself was quite soft. The rice was flavourful and cooked just right. The raita that accompanied the biryani was fresh and tasty, but a little watery for my liking.


Butter Naan- Rs. 225

The butter naan was, all in all, pretty great. However, I would have preferred it if it would’ve been a bit more buttery.

Garlic Naan- Rs. 225

There was nothing out of the ordinary here. It had a rich garlic and butter flavour and went well with the curries we ordered.

Have you been to Street Foods by Punjab Grill yet? Let us know what you think!


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