Open Time:

11.00 am – 10.00 pm (9.00 pm on Sundays)


Mt Lavania,Galle Road Colombo, Sri Lanka


Mount Lavinia Junction, next to the Keells Super

A blessing on a hot day!

You know those typical Lankan afternoons when you just want to stand under the shower and do nothing else? Those blazing hot days when you’re surprised a forest fire still hasn’t erupted somewhere? Those are the days when you should hop on over to Mount Lavinia and thank the God’s in heaven that us Lankans had enough common sense to open up shaved ice parlors in this tropical country of ours.

Snowie is a cute little boutique down Galle Road with a calming purple and blue exterior, that serves up shaved ice and shaved creams and is a definite respite from all things warm. They have an interesting Shaved Cream options as well that definitely perked our curiosity so we tried a whole bunch of stuff.


Passion Fruit Shaved Ice – Rs. 200

The passion fruit was a big cup of happiness and was a massive serving of crushed ice doused in tangy passion fruit syrup. Of course, the taste of the artificial syrup did pull through but it tasted more like the MD Passion Fruit cordial and I’m a huge fan so that’s a win (for me at least)! This option is also more on the sweeter spectrum of things and may be a little difficult to finish on your own unless you’re a huge fan of sweet stuff.

Guava Shaved Ice – Rs. 200

The Guava came doused in a baby pink syrup and reminded me of the stuff you could definitely serve at a baby shower. The taste of the syrup is more subtle than the passion but it works really well for someone who doesn’t have a sweet-tooth. Personally, this was my most favorite shaved ice option because it wasn’t overwhelming and was definitely refreshing. It could have used a slight bit more syrup but that may have overdone the serving, so this was pretty perfect, actually.

Orio Shaved Cream – Rs. 300

Slightly confused at the spelling but we got the gist of it. The shaved cream looks like ice cream that’s been left in the freezer too long and is forming that layer of ice on top but damn, that flavor! The Orio was creamy and rich and makes for a perfect hearty treat in contrast to the shaved ice. The creams are served in cute pink cups with heart spoons which were adorable and were promptly shoved into my mother’s purse to be used for cute dishes at home too. The Oreo flavor pulls through wonderfully and has to be my favorite of the day!

Coffee Shaved Cream – Rs. 300

*stops myself from making Covfefe jokes*

The coffee came in a generous serving in a little pink cup and had a bit of an artificial aura to it, possibly with an overdose of condensed milk but the flavors were still rich and delicious. Y’know, much like a more refreshing version of Fab’s iced coffee. It’s sweeter than the Orio and will work better for you if you share it.

The technicalities of Snowie confused us a little seeing as we were served tall cups, small spoons, and no straws so we couldn’t easily get to those delicious syrupy parts and definitely had to work to get to the good stuff. Maybe with time and more profit, the cutlery and crockery at Snowie would improve.

There’s no music playing at the store so all you can hear is the bustle of Galle Road but the decor is quirky and the place is adorable.There’s lots of little sayings plastered on the walls and makes for some entertainment while you wait for your ice.The Aircon is also cranked up pretty high so prepare for a chilly dining experience. Or you could talk to the very helpful guy behind the counter and all will be well. The service is fast and efficient and quite friendly and your ice arrives within 5 minutes.

They had fruit based shaved cream too but we were brain frozen by the time we finished our options so we unfortunately had to pass. But you should definitely swing by and let us know what you think in the comments below!

Tip: Definitely try the shaved creams too!