Snacks by Z

2019 Jul 25

Open Time:

Monday to Saturday 11am to 7pm, Friday 2pm to 8pm



Contact No

072 0878 536


Yummy snacks all day long!


Snacks by Z is a fairly new Instagram page that has been making appearances on our explore feed for quite some time now and we finally got around to tasting their fare. They were initially a delivery service but recently made their final price revision and have now started delivering their food through Uber Eats. They offer a selected number of snacks for now but are hoping to expand their menu in the coming months so stay tuned for more updates!




True to their name, Snacks by Z offers two varieties of snacks for now – Loaded Fries and Chicken Wings. They also sell delicious Heladiv iced tea packets to wash all that flavour down. We tried the Loaded Fries in both varieties they had; here’s what we thought.


Beef Loaded Fries – LKR 625



Quite a large portion, their Medium Beef Loaded Fries come in a cute little cardboard box with a wooden fork. 10 points for packaging and eco-friendliness! The medium portion was quite substantial and can be made into a whole meal if you eat the whole portion yourself. Flavour wise, the fries came off a bit funky because of the oil they were fried in but paired with the chilli-like beef and a juicy jalapeno, there is nothing better in this world to satisfy cravings!


Chicken Loaded Fries – LKR 625



The chicken loaded fries were a pretty substantial portion as well but surprisingly, they were better than their beef counterpart. I’m all for beef based dishes but this chicken was just so flavourful and succulent that we couldn’t stop eating it! The jalapenos and the dish are a match made in heaven and honestly, if I were to order this dish during a study session, my day would be made ten times better.


Chicken Wings – LKR 625



Coming in a portion of 8 pieces, the chicken wings were sticky, saucy and finger-licking good! We liked this dish more than the fries and though it can get a little messy to eat, the satisfaction of finishing the portion and licking that delicious sauce off your fingers is an experience you can’t really compare with anything else.


Their Instagram page has some super helpful service and they respond almost immediately if you have any doubts about their food. The only catch is that Uber Eats estimates a time of 50 – 60 minutes to deliver the food so if you’re easily hangry like me, be sure to order well in advance. These dishes are perfect comfort food for a gloomy day and will definitely raise spirits.


Tip – order one of everything, you won’t regret it!