Snack Shack

2018 May 1

Open Time:

4pm – 11pm


37, Frances Road (Marine Drive), Colombo 6.


4pm – 11pm

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New York street food in Colombo!

Snack Shack is the latest addition to the Marine Drive stretch offering a variety of New York street food including Strombolis, Gyros, Burgers, Wraps, Döners, Subs and even Pizza! The restaurant is very family friendly so it’s ideal for a low-budgeted family dinner or even a quick bite with friends. The quantities for each dish were well worth the price and our tummies were very happy at the end of the meal.


Chocolate Milkshake – LKR 450The consistency was just right and the milk did not downplay the chocolate. They were definitely not stingy with the chocolate syrup! However, it was a little too sweet for my taste but my friend loved it, so it depends on your palate and how much of a sweet tooth you are.


Potato Wedges – LKR 250 The wedges were nice and crispy on the outside and perfectly cooked on the inside. They could have been a little more seasoned but overall it was a good appetizer for the price.

Caesar Salad – LKR 350
The lettuce was fresh, the croutons were crunchy, there was a generous amount of Parmesan sprinkled. and the ingredients combined very well together! However, the Thousand Island dressing was too thick but it did not compromise the taste of the dish.


All of the mains we tried were accompanied by a side of fries, a portion of coleslaw and Snack Shack’s complimentary dips. The coleslaw definitely deserves a special mention because it was amazing and we never got bored of it with every dish we had. The fries were well seasoned and crispy and the dips were a nice touch!

Beef Gyro – LKR 550
A gyro is basically a Greek Shawarma but Snack Shack adds a twist to this delicacy by preparing it in a Mediterranean way. It consisted of an abundance of fresh veggies and a Tzatziki sauce, but this dish could have used more beef and less pita bread. It was refreshing and filling nevertheless so the cold cut veggies saved this dish.

Philly Chicken Stromboli – LKR 600

 Being an Italian treat, the Chicken Stromboli was a hearty meal consisting of a variety of vegetables, diced chicken and gooey Mozzarella. It was crispy on the outside and nice and tender on the inside. This was the most filling dish of all but it takes 30 minutes to prepare so be warned! It was worth the wait though so Snack Shack did not let us down.


Mushroom n Swiss Chicken Burger – LKR 550The best dish we tried! The burger was prepared with a juicy ground chicken patty, cheese slices, grilled onions and caramelized mushrooms. It was topped off with mayonnaise making this an absolute treat! No complaints here.

Shack Classic Beef Burger – LKR 500This burger tasted pretty basic compared to the Mushroom n Swiss Chicken Burger but it was yummy nevertheless. The ground beef patty was made well and Snack Shack’s signature sauce went hand in hand with the crunchy veggies.


Chocolate Brownie with Ice Cream – LKR 400The brownie was not gooey and soft like I hoped it would be but was rather hard and crunchy. Paired with the ice cream however it did the job at the end of the day and made a decent dessert.

The service at Snack Shack was great and the staff was very helpful and super friendly. So visit Snack Shack to indulge in NY street food for an affordable price. Have you visited Snack Shack yet? Letus know in the comments.

Tip–Try their Mushroom n Swiss Chicken Burger!


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