Restaurant Reviews Sawadee Restaurant at Mount Breeze Hotel

Sawadee Restaurant at Mount Breeze Hotel

2019 Apr 11

Open Time:

8am – Midnight


22/5A, Off De Seram Road, Mount Lavinia


Adjoining Sugar Beach towards Colombo

Contact No



Island life at its best: affordable, tasty, and by the beach!

“Sawadee”, translating to ‘Welcome” in Thai, is an appropriate choice of name for the beachfront restaurant, as the view of the sea is quite picturesque sight to accompany your meal.
Although the indoor seating of the restaurant is very simple, the outdoor seating option and atmosphere make it an ideal place to hang out with a couple of friends if you’re looking to just unwind and relax.
Serving all three meals with generous portion sizes and excellent presentation, Sawadee at Mount Breeze Hotel serves all the traditional Chinese and Thai food items, some of which are concocted with their own unique twists.

An important point to note is that they pride themselves in not using any artificial colouring or ajinomoto (monosodium glutamate).


Citrus Crush – LKR 520

The initial taste was very gingery but as you keep drinking this is balanced out by the sweetness. Overall this was quite refreshing, given the searing heat outside.

Shirley Temple – LKR 420

Its appearance itself was enough to prove how good the drink would be! It carried just enough of a punch which was delivered by the lime mixed with the sprite. Definitely a personal recommendation.

Long Island Iced Tea –LKR 1,100

The infamous Long Island was as effective as always and tasted alright, although looked a bit different to the usual Long Island.

Tequila Sunrise (Tequila, Orange Juice and Grenadine) – LKR 750

The perfect cocktail to sip on by the beach, it delivered both in terms of taste and appearance, although a bit too sweet.

Mojito – LKR 750

This drink however was slightly watery, and it tasted diluted.


Tom Yum Soup – LKR 1,100

The price was substantially more than what you’d expect to pay for a Tom Yum. They had a very generous serving of seafood, however the portion of soup in general was pretty small. The spice was very prominent throughout the course of the meal and the taste was overshadowed because of it.


Chinese Seafood Kottu – LKR 800

One of the fast moving dishes, we were recommended to try it out and justifiably so!

The twist to the traditional Kottu, whilst initially had us sceptical, paid off in a big way. This dish, which is their very own brainchild, is made using Chinese spices and ingredients and that was what set it apart from your average Lankan Kottu. With just enough spice and meat we absolutely loved it.

Dragon Prawn Rice – LKR 750 (S)

Whilst the size of the prawns and colour of the rice caught our attention, the rice was severely underwhelming, as it was very plain and did little to set it apart from everything else on our plate.

Hot Butter Cuttlefish – LKR 850

We have a new contender to rank amongst the top HBC dishes. Although the portion size could be a bit more generous, it was super crunchy and hit all the right taste buds.

Chilli Crab Singapore Style – LKR 425 (100g)

The size and the amount of meat in the crab were slightly disappointing and the taste of the dish was average and didn’t stand out in comparison to its culinary competition.

Chicken Sizzling – LKR 750

Although with great presentation, I found the chicken slightly chewy. Nevertheless, the taste of the dish was pretty good with a peppery feel to it.

Prawn Red Curry – LKR 900

This dish looked a bit bland from the outset and was not amongst our favourites. The gravy texture was too watery and therefore its flavour was diluted. As always, the serving of prawns was generous but on the whole, not a dish we’d recommend. Despite hailing themselves as a Thai culinary restaurant as well, the fact that one of the basic dishes in this field wasn’t up to standard was a bit disappointing.

Have you been to Sawadee Restaurant yet? Let us know in the comments.

Tip: Be aware of the squirrels who are also overly enthusiastic to try out their many dishes!


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